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The First Welsh-Proxian Project


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Only hours after his first television appearance as King of Wales, Bryn was standing at the seaside at Havefordwest. Standing next to him was the Proxian King Douglas.

"Ladies and gentlemen, King Douglas and I are proud to announce that Wales and The Proxian Empire are to be spending £4Billion on a new barrage across the Severn river. It will be a huge leap forward for the sustainability of Wales and The Proxian Empire. It is believed that the scheme will be able to power 6,000,000 homes both sides of the river. The Welsh and Proxians are good at working together and this project proves it."

A bald, weird looking man took to the front of the crowd next to King Douglas and King Bryn and pulled out a plan which he held up to the the audience. It showed the scheme.


There was a round of applause for a short while. Then both Kings turned to the cameras, shook hands and smiled waiting for photographs.

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