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Now Comes the Mystery

Il Terra Di Agea

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"And there we have it! We had a great game tonight. Now, I for a word from our sponsor the North-Western Dairy Company..."

Frank leaned back in his chair as the commercials came on. His head hit the same spot in the flaky painted green wall, and he took a deep breath. "So Dave," He said, the night's liquor beginning to sink in, "Awful good game tonight, eh?"

"Yah, it was fine," Dave muttered back, "Hey, we've got a broken window in your sector."

"Uhg, it's probably just kids hiding in the warehouse to smoke."

The dull sound of gun fire thumped out from the walls.

Dave looked over to Frank, who muttered, "So, let's see what is going on." Frank typed a few lines into his computer to bring up the camera.

"Looks like there's two men in there..." Dave muttered.

"Lemme zoom in."


".. The $%&@?" Both muttered in unison.

One Week earlier aka The Present

Baggs was sitting, slouched in his chair, clearly bothered by the phone call.

"Crud..." Baggs muttered to the phone, "What kind of discrepancy?"

"Well," Lahye muttered back, "When I packed up the stuff from biomech, we had an experimental robot... that is gone."

"What? Why would anyone steal it? We aren't necessarily leading the world in this stuff."

"Well, I've asked myself that too. After all, it has only eight minutes of battery, it's clunky, it's loud, there's no way it could be useful except that it's a full body."

"Great... Have you seen Komeil around? We may need his help."

"No... In fact, I haven't seen him in a few days."

"Damn," Baggs began to pace, "Alright, you go and check the Chloroform and Dirty Rag Emporium, get Hummel out to check the Crusty Norwegian Fish Restaurant, I'm going to drive around and look for explosions, we need him ASAP."

OOC: Baggs and Komeil origin story mixed with random RP. Enjoy.

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Lahye walked into Baggs' office and sat down, "No luck..." He muttered, as he began to slouch.

"Same here," Baggs said back.

Hummel walked in, wreaking of rotted fish, "No luck at the restaurant, however, I did find out what that awful smell on Main street is."

"Damn it," Baggs said in an exasperated tone, "I hope he isn't doing that again..."

"What?" Lahye inquired, suddenly filled with a bit more energy.

Baggs sighed as he unlocked the bottom drawer of his desk and threw out a poloroid.


"This is Komeil's father, the man Komeil hates more than any other in the entire world."

"Is this a joke?" Lahye responded, fixation on the Ski Masks.

"Saddly, no."

"So, Komeil comes from a family of Ski Mask wearing weirdos?"


"Are they all... like him? Like, with the voice... an the crazy?"


August 9, 1980: A small farm in Rural Finland

"Cheese!" Mrs. Komeil yelled right as she saw the light on their new Poloroid camera begin to flash.

Mr. Momeil walked over and grabbed the picture and began to shake it, "Alright everyone, cross your fingers!"

"Goooo?" Komeil's sister said from her mother's arms.

"Cam-er-ah," Mrs. Komeil said to the baby, "Can you say Cam-er-ah?"

"Ahh, drat," Mr. Komeil Said, "Son, you weren't smiling!"

"I not want make smile..." Komeil muttered.

"Why not, son?"

"I want go home, when we go home?"

"This is home now. We're living on this farm. It'll be fun, we'll get a cow... or something Farm-like."

"Honey, you know you don't know anything about farming," Mrs. Komeil whispered to Mr. Komeil, "What are we even doing here?"

"Well, I though it would be a change of pace. You know, live like they did in the olden days. Raise the kids like my dad raised me."

"It's ridiculous though, we had a good life back in the suburbs."

"I have freind in old house!" Komeil chimed in.

"But we need this. It feels... I don't know... Right. Like we'll live here for a good, long time. Just being happy. We'll learn all this farming stuff eventually, it will just take a bit of time. You'll see, come '85, we'll have the best crops around, and we will FEAST LIKE ROYALTY!"

Mr. Komeil raised his finger into the air and struck a royal pose, "Now, TO THE CASTLE!"

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ADI, 2009


(OOC: Carla and Lahye's arms are too thin, I realized that just now and am too lazy to go back to fix it)

"Are you serious..." Lahye muttered, "This has to be some sort of joke."

"No," Baggs said back, "As far as I have learned, it's a Komeil family tradition going back to the late 1800s to conceal their own identities."

"My family had game night," Hummel blurted out, "That's a tradition. This is a psychosis."

"This is weird..." Carla, who had been in the room for several minutes finally said.

Baggs sat back down in his chair, and sighed, "But we need to find him, fast."

"Alright Baggs," Carla said to break the pause, "You are going about this the wrong way."


"You know I did breaking and entering back in the day, right? Well, that was a part of a bigger job. Most people hired me to track people down, and then retrieve certain items from them. That required quite a bit of time tracking people down, and if I learned anything doing it, it's that you can't rely on people's usual retreats to track them down. They always go somewhere they know, but don't go to often. So, I know that you have known Komeil for a good thirty years, where would he go to hide while trying to find his dad?"

Baggs said nothing as he dipped his head down and began to walk towards the door. After turning out the lights, he said, "Come on, we're going back to my place."

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OOC: Heh heh, Komeil is at Baggs' place? :lol1:

OOC: Nope, but answers to where he may be are at Baggs' place

IC: Baggs rushed Carla, Hummel, and Lahye into the elevator, and sat down on the small bench in the corner. "It's a long ride to the storage area, so I might as well give you all a bit of background to keep the questions down later. Komeil and I met in a small Finnish military installation in 1980. While I was going in..."

"Wait," Lahye interrupted, "You're, like, 37, right? What were you doing in a Finnish military installation when you were eight?"

"Ugh, I was hoping I could skip over that part..."

"We have time."


Somewhere in New York state, 1979

The days Newspaper flashed at least three mentions of one of the city's most decorated detectives, Robert Hedgley. The man was fantastic at his job, loved by the people, and had a history of putting over a hundred men in jail. He could barely go outside without people cheering for him. He was the greatest officer the force had seen, and nobody would guess he only had fifteen hours to live...

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