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Soldier count and Goverment type wrong


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My nation and enemy nation

My first attack against him today gave this battle report


To: Titus Flamininus From: materiastorm 10/26/2007 4:52:26 AM Subject: Battle Report

You have been attacked by materiastorm. You lost 30 soldiers and 0 tanks. You killed 45 soldiers and 4 tanks. Their forces razed 1.114 miles of your land, stole 0.000 technology, and destroyed 1.282 infrastructure. Their forces looted $0.00 from you and you gained $0.00 in your enemy's abandoned equipment. In the end the battle was a Defeat. Any existing peace offers that were on the table have been automatically canceled.


That was grand and when i go to attack him again i get this


Attacking Ruler: materiastorm Defending Ruler: Titus Flamininus

Deployed Soldiers: 605 (835) Defending Soldiers: 54 (74)

Deployed Tanks: 75 Defending Tanks: 0

Attacking Technology: 10.48 Defending Technology: 0.52

Attacking Infrastructure: 199.81 Defending Infrastructure: 30.78

Attacking Land Area: 46.992 Defending Land Area: 32.327

Attacking DEFCON: [DEFCON 1 - Maximum military readiness.] Defending DEFCON: [DEFCON 1 - Maximum military readiness.]

Attacking Money: $57,520.36 Defending Money: $0.00

Battle Odds: 96% Chance of Victory Battle Odds: 4% Chance of Victory

You cannot attack Sarutobi at this time because their battle odds are at 4% and are not high enough to fight your forces. The government of Sarutobi has just been sent into Anarchy due to their lack of security forces. Riots engulf the nation of Sarutobi as your soldiers relax and enjoy their victory.


His soldier cound shows up as 54 but on his main page its 138 (189).

Also it says he's in anarchy but again on his main page it says Federal Goverment.

So according to his main page i should be able to attack but when i try i'm given different info about his troops and goverment type.

Anyway thanks in advance.


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