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Math bug with Labor Camp Infra cost calculation


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The 50% infra upkeep cost deduction you receive for owning 5 labor camps

seems to be being calculated on the whole dollar amount of your infra cost.

My Infra level is 3699.99 and my upkeep cost was $436.11

I bought 5 labor camps and the upkeep cost went down to $218.11.

I think it should be 218.05 or 218.06.

I know you think the 5 or 6 cents doesn't mean much, BUT.....

At this infra level the diffence is 203.50 a day or 1017.50 for the 5 days

that i have the labor camps.

It makes it hard to calculate the cash needed to pay your bills for 5 days

when my spread sheet says it should be 4,034,006.60 for 5 days

and the game is charging me 4,035,024.09



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here's a hint:

You have been attacked by Allnighte. You lost 661 soldiers and 0 tanks. You killed 782 soldiers and 51 tanks. Their forces razed 13.388 miles of your land, stole 5.000 technology, and destroyed 20.00 infrastructure. Their forces looted $4.73 from you and you gained $0.00 in your enemy's abandoned equipment. In the end the battle was a Defeat. Any existing peace offers that were on the table have been automatically canceled.
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