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OK so i was logging in for the new round(round 5)but when i hit login it says my password isnt correct so do forgot password and i put in my email adrress used for reistering and this is what it says

We have no record of that user name on file. You may attempt to send your information with a valid email address and user name or register a new user name.

now to let you know.. i never change my password because i know this is what would happen

admin can you send me a PM asking for my email adress so that way i can tell you in private or if you can tell me why i dont exist anymore in the game

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If you didn't have checked the option to save your ruler account between round resets then your account got deleted during the tournament reset last night. You'll have to sign up again for the new round.

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if it shows at multiple accounts please send me a message before deleing please

and thank you

EDIT: now it is saying i have been banned from CN standard? i have a nation playing on there right now and it is a diffrent Username,i am logged in on it right now also

here is what it says on when im registering on CN:TE

The user name that you attempted to register with appears to be banned on Cyber Nations standard. Banned account names cannot be used in CN:TE. Please try to register with a different user name. If you do not remember your user name or password you can have it sent to you

do you want me to make a new topic about this?

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