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CBS-DOA Combined Announcement

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The Coalition of Blue States and the Democratic Order of Anarchy have made a PIAT with each other.

Peace, Intelligence, and Aid Treaty

I. Preamble

The Democratic Order of Anarchy (DOA) and Coalition of Blue States (hereby referred as CBS), two sovereign and separate alliances, confirm their friendship in this treaty of Peace, Intelligence and Aid Treaty (PIAT).

II. Purpose

Both parties involved in this treaty will remain sovereign. The main purpose of this treaty is to show friendship and to maintain good relations between the signatories.

III. Peace

The signatories agree to not attack or commit any other aggressive actions (i.e. espionage, declaration of war, etc.) towards the other signatory. Such actions will be considered a breach of this treaty.

IV. Intelligence

The signatories agree to share all information of worth to both parties. This information is not to be falsified or changed to benefit any party, signatory or otherwise. Falsifications will be considered a breach of this treaty.

V. Aid

The signatories have the option to contribute aid to the other party if such aid is necessary and reasonable. Aid can be sent between the signatories even if one of the signatories is at war with an alliance to which the other signatory has an non-aggression pact. This treaty supersedes Non-Aggression Pacts.

VI. Cancellation

48 hours notice is required before publicly canceling this treaty. This time is to allow for the signatories to rectify the relationship and address the situation that caused the cancellation. If both parties agree, or if there has been an egregious violation of the spirit of this treaty, it can be canceled immediately.

Signed for DOA:

AsianLeader- Council Member

Arkzist- Council Member

Signed for CBS:

KingemO93, President

Lord Sir23, Vice President

Peghen, Exterior Affairs Minister

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