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Join the Guru Order!!!


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NOTE: This is a message towards more established members of Cybernations


Up until now it was the Guru Orders general policy to not recruit larger nations, the main reason was connected to the fact that we simply wanted to keep an open and clean record, often older members bring in their views or problems of the past, something we as a new alliance did not want, however now we feel the time has come where we can finally open the doors to larger more established nations.

A little about us

We are very social economic orientated, war is the last thing on our mind and will always look for a diplomatic solution, we will only sign treaties with alliances we are 100% certain in and will keep an open attitude to everyone irrelevant what "side" they are on.

We are crazy on recruiting, how we see things, no members = no alliance and inactivity. Over our time in existence we have gained 30-50 members per month every month, on average 8000-10000 forum posts monthly which is crazy for a 8 month alliance, new members are the life blood for any alliance and we will always pay big to recruiters.

Economically we export more tech than anyone in the game with over 20,000 sold per month, we would like that as much of that stays internally as possible, which was one of the main reasons we started this topic.

We are the Order of Guru's meaning that success in our alliance is earned and never gifted, everyone needs to climb the ladder, political power in the alliance is given according to your contribution, that is regulated by the ratings index, ratings are earned through tech deals, donations, aid payouts, recruits and so on, so how fast you rise in the ratings is also up to you. One thing is for certain that nobody gets ranked according to how many Nukes or NS they have.

Why join Guru Order?

The reasons are actually numerous, we are the biggest alliance in the game in member count which has such a low average NS (closing in on 300 members now) which means allot of things, here are some of them:

#1 Lots of cheap tech deals! We are very organized and auto-ship tech to our larger nations, you will never need to worry about tech deals again

#2 Donation deals! Yes, you heard what i said, we actually have so many people which want to donate we PM you in game about it! I do not think there is any place in CN where there is a large supply of donations coming in regularly.

#3 Rise the government ranks quickly, usually if an alliance has 300ish members the government positions are "fixed" in, not the case here, due to the lack of experienced members, usually anyone which is half capable and willing to put in the effort is in Government within a month, rising up the ranks is usually not a problem either.

NOTE: Internal buyers have financial obligations towards the alliances budget requirements ;)

What type of members we need?

We need people which are open to a new start, most certainly we want those which want to keep their past records to themselves, i sure do not want to hear any negative views about X or Y alliance (that is against alliance policy in fact) so once you join GO your past is your past and keep it there, anyone with a deep entangled past is better off not joining. Obviously most interesting of all is someone willing to put in the effort and their knowledge in helping the alliance grow and prosper, if you are looking in taking part in one of the most dynamically growing alliances ever then this is probably the best place for you

To join go to http://guru.darkbb.com

Fill in a new member application or go over to our IRC channel at #guruorder (coldfront server), occasionally i get on MSN, you can contact me personally on Guruland@hotmail.com (yes in our alliance we take things personal!)

NOTE: a list of the charter and important treaties and documents can be found on the forums

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Guruorder is the best allaince for aspiring young nations!!

Bump :lol:

Thats weird that Im involved in everything you do no one else listens lol

I'm your 4th hand man

Cuz i think techs your second than waldie than sorcers isle lol

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