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Factbook: Republic of Finland


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Government Type: Parliamentary Republic

President: Taneli Hauta-aho

A veteran from the Ubersteinian army and a very vocal member of Parliament, he was a strong supporter of Uberstein and a life-long Ubersteinian. He supports the continued nationalization of military industries. He believes that the boarders should be tightened, and has helped vote into power several immigration laws and shore-based land grants to the military. He beilves that all who oppose "freedom" be removed from the country with force, and that Finland should take it's place in the world as a beacon of democracy and help foreign peoples. He has been criticized by his peers for being "too extreme", and he has used the phrase, "Prevent the Nordic threat from becoming one from within." many times, though now his attention appears to have shifted to countering "The threat of Hegemonic Pan-Europeanism and Southern Pan-Slavism." He has also stated that, "Legality has no meaning if it leads to abandoning one's friends in the theater of politics or war. One must always stand by their allies, or they are nothing but dishonorable scum."

Prime Minister: Auli Häggman

Political Parties:

Republican-Ubersteinist Party (Socially "Forward Thinking"/Government Regulation of Buisness and strong Parliament/Economically Conservative)

Liberal Party of Finland [Let's be Norway Party] (Socially Progressive/Mild Government Control and forced political correctness/Mild Leftism and welfare)

Parliament Members:

Total Members: 6 (1 for each province)

Jarno Nikulainen


Joni Paasilinna


Aila Heiskanen

Vesa Parras


Economic System: Government-Regulated Social Capitalism

Secretary of Treasury: Jarmo Keskinen

Nationalized Industries: Military

Government Supported Industries: Steel, Aluminum, Cattle/Agriculture, Fishing, Construction.

The Republic of Finland uses a free market, but there is a mixture of regulation and intervention. For example, the Mariehamm Broadcasting Company owns and runs all television cables and channels in the Republic of Finland, and has a stranglehold on this monopoly because in order to challenge this network, a competitor must put up their own cables and radio stations, as only military and government communication lines are federally owned.

Protectionism of native companies is high, and only a few nations are allowed to actually have companies own property in Finland, such as the Kingdoms of Norway and Sweden, Germany, and Slavorussia.

Major trade partners:

Norway - Oil


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Land Forces: The Republican Guard

Head of Republican Guard: General Samsa Veitonen


GNR "Lapland" War

Molakian War

Total Forces:

+210,000 Infantry

+1000 Tanks

Number of Divisions:

+21 Infantry

+10 Tank



Picture: Standard Uniform

Picture: Combat Uniform

The Republican Guard is the main fighting force of the Republic of Finland. The standard Division size is 10,000 men. Standard tank divisions are 100 tanks, and are attached to infantry divisions.

+Infantry divisions are the standard fighting force of the Republican Guard, equipped with trucks for movement. Each infantry division has 50 non-motorized anti-tank weapons, 100 towed artillery pieces, and each squad carries a machine gun.

+Mechanized divisions are equipped with 500 IFV's each, and tracked transport vehicles. They also include 50 SPA vehicles and each squad carries a machine gun and single-man anti-tank weapon.

+Airborne Divisions are transported by helicopter or parachutes, working as the air-cavalry of the Republican Guard. Each airborne division has 25 non-motorized anti-tank weapons, 25 non-motorized 105mm howitzers, and each squad carries a machine gun and single-man anti-tank weapon. They are on alert to move out 24/7, and serve as the fast-response troops of the Finnish army.


(M) = Mechanized

(P) =Airborne

(T) = Tank Division attached

(City Name) = Current Deployment

List of Divisions:

-Presidential Guard (Helsinki)(T)-

-1st (Oulu)(T)-

-2nd (haapaniemi)-

-3rd (Mariehamm)(T)-

-4th (Pori)(P)-

-5th (Seinäjoki)(M)(T)-

-6th (Tornio)-

-7th (Taivalkoski)-

-8th (Marikarvia)(P)-

-9th (Yiltornio)(T)-

-10th (Kalajoki)(M)(T)-

-11th (Narpio)-

-12th (Seikka)(P)-

-13th (Pello)-

-14th (Raasepori)(T)-

-15th (Kotka)(M)(T)-

-16th (Rovaniemi)(P)-

-17th (Laitila)-

-18th (Turku)-

-19th (Tampere)(T)-

-20th (Heinola)(M)(T)-

Standard Issue Rifle: Valmet M82


Standard Issue Sidearm: Lahti L-35


Standard Man-Portable Anti-Tank Weapon: 102 RSLPSTOHJ NLAW

Standard Artillery Piece: 155mm GH52 APU

Standard Mortar: 81 Kranaatinheitin 71 Y

Standard MBT: Mannerheim


Standard Rounds:


Canister Shot


Standard SPA: Steinhammer-G


Standard APC (Mechanized Only): Härkä APC

Standard Light Utility Vehicle: Volvo C303 LTV]

Standard Utility/Transport Truck: Sisu SA-150 GUT

Standard Heavy Truck: Sisu E11T HUT

Standard IFV: Vessla II

Stanard Infantry Anti-Tank Weapon: 95 S 58-61

Land Forces: Kansainvälinen

Translated as the "International", the Kansainvälinen is the most extreme special forces branch of the Finnish military. They are extremely well trained, their job is to infiltrate, learn, and if need be, kill and sabotage enemy or allied forces. Their actions are completely off the record, trained to avoid capture at all costs, and to make sure they can never be traced back to Finland. They are much like the RL American Delta Force.

There are currently 2 Kansainvälinen regiments in service.

Handgun: H&K P10 (9x19mm)

CQB: GG95 PDW (9x19mm) or H&K UMP (9x19mm)

Assault Rifle: Silenced HK G3A4 (7.62 mm x 51mm) or H&K 417 (7.62 mm x 51mm)

Sniper Rifle: H&K MSG90A1 (7.62 mm x 51mm) or Barret M98B (.338 Lapua, 8.6x70mm)

Grenade Launcher: AG-C (40mmx46mm) HE, Smoke, Illum, CS & Flechette. Mounts on the H&K 417 or Valmet M82

Blade: Gerber 06 Automatic - Serrated Edge and Gerber Mark II - Double Serrated Edge

+Collection bag for ejected casings.

+Infrared laser pointer for use w/ Nightvision

+Red-Dot Reflex Sight

Sea Forces: The Republican Navy

The Republican Navy currently consists of a brown-water coast guard. Reserve forces in coastal cities rotate monthly on coast-guard duty, using civilian vessels and small arms to patrol the waters. Any suspicious activity is radioed back to a proper military command if the Coast Guard cannot handle it.

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Duga-3 OTH Radar Stations



Double Layer Acoustic Mirrors on boarders.


When an aircraft flies past both layers, it's speed and direction are known, allowing fighters to intercept stealth aircraft.

Mobile SAM sites are spread across the country, designed to work with the radar and acoustic mirror system to intercept enemy aircraft, including stealth. SAM sites also use PING radar to defeat active radar cancellation on the more advanced stealth designs.

Beaches where amphibious attacks are capable have submerged concrete pillars and Czech hedgehogs to delay enemy troops until the Republican Guard can arrive.


A sonar net covered all Finnish National Waters.

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Immigration and National Security

Everyone entering the country has to have visa issued by the Finnish government to stay for longer than 2 weeks. Backround checks are done, including tracking of financial records and inquiring with the country they are from for any criminal records. A passport is needed and all visitors are inspected by a doctor, metal detector, X-ray of luggage, drug sniffing dogs, bomb-sniffing dogs, and possibly more extreme measures if deemed necessary. If they have a legal-to-own weapon, it is confiscated for 1 year until put back into the market if the owner is unable to gain a firearm license.

Types of Visa's:

+Work Visa: Must be renewed every year with proof of employment, allows you to work and own property. If you are deported all property that was not brought with you is auctioned off. Required for all foreign contractors. Not allowed to own firearms. Pays taxes.

+General Visit Visa: Needed to stay longer than the 2 week "tourism period", not allowed to exceed 1 year. Not allowed to buy land. Not allowed to own firearms. No taxes.

+Diplomatic Visa: VIP people only, issued only by members of Parliament or the President. Firearms allowed only if specified. Taxes can be canceled by order of the President.


+Must have been in the country for 10 years with no criminal record

+Must pass the citizenship test

+Allows voting, military service, and all rights in the constitution of the Republic of Finland including the right to own and bear firearms if the test is passed.

+Allowed access to Equal-Opportunity economic/education programs by the government.

All of this is run by the Office of Immigration, which is a subbranch of the Office of Internal Affairs which reports directly to the President.

Travel Abroad

All Finnish citizens are protected by Finnish law when traveling abroad, and are advised to only travel to friendly countries with Finnish embassies.

Certain nations are placed on a watch-list, requiring officials to inform civilians traveling to these countries of the political/physical dangers or simply the fact that there is no embassy/treaty with the nation in question.

Watch List:


-United States of China

-Queendom of Girltopia

-Republic of York


-Slavic Union


-Holy American Empire

-Kingdom of Cochin

-The Romonov Foundation


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