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Dragonisian Civil Engineers Division Arrives in NewFoundland

Maelstrom Vortex

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Three large submarines surfaced in Newfoundlands national waters bearing the Dragonisian flag, they coasted quietly into port and opened the massive transport hull. Inside each sub was 3000 men and a stockpile of equipment and supplies for the reconstruction efforts. Let me emphasize that the transport submarines are MASSIVE.. they're typically used by Dragonisia in the petroleum and military transport industries and are almost the same size and scope as some supertankers. The unloading process of the troops would take hours.. the unloading of the equipment and supplies.. would take days.

Their goal is simple, rebuild the services and infrastructure of the island of Newfoundland.

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The engineers consulted with local leaders, and with their consent began their work. The first step in reconstruction.. is identifying inefficiencies in the current design that result in opportunities for improvement. That said, the first thing examined was the electrical system. If it was above ground, the first thing that would be done is that wires would be run underground along the streets in EMP shielded coatings and the ones that were above ground would be brought down as sections were replaced.. not disrupting existing power flows to residences and businesses. Along side the power cables, fiberoptics would also be run in the shielded cable system.. providing a high speed data network infrastructure for the entire island.

As that as being done, planners would begin the process of examining the current sewer system layout and inspecting damage to those systems as well as public water utility pipes. Attention was also given block by block of the capitol and surrounding cities to see which areas needed cleared of rubble for new construction.

The division fanned out across the country, as it did officers with their teams would consult with the local officials to determine projects of greatest need, and address those first.

The man in charge of the operations was General Douglas W. Deming. His personal motto, "Of Sword and Reed, the Reed is by far the most powerful when used correctly."

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King Tim sat in his office leaning back with his feet on the desk when he heard a knock on the door.


A man with the rank of a General entered the room

'I am General Deming, I represent the engineers who have been sent to rebuild your country.

Tim looked at him for a second, still sitting back in his chain before opening a drawer and grabbing a sheet of paper, he began reading from it.

'Welcome to Newfoundland, we look forward to working with you *quietly - and taking your money*, we also look forward to having a long relationship with you and the country you are representing, we have prepared a festival to celebrate your arrival'

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"We appreciate that. It won't be necessary, but I'm sure the people here'd be glad to celebrate something. I just want to make sure you have ensured we have the legal powers to re-structure everything to make the public works more suitable and fit for future habitation. We're currently working on your power grid and information systems networks."

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