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So when I logged in today, I saw I had two messages in my inbox. So I click on the link to my inbox (on the welcome screen) and it had said "NO MESSAGES RECEIVED".

I go to click my inbox link on the left and there were all my messages. After that I click on the link again to check my other message and the game tells me to log in again. So I do, check that message, then go to view my nation and it asks me to log in again.

Is this a bug? I know I shouldn't have to log in every time I want to view a different screen about my nation.

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Things that come to mind:

1. Make sure that you have cookies enabled. If you don't, CyberNations will be able to create a game session but you won't be able to access it, and you'll be forced to repetatively log-in without apparent success.

2. Check if your browser is switching between http://www.cybernations.net/* and http://cybernations.net/* during your session. If it is, then that's the problem - I've had that a number of times (usually either problems with links stored in messages or browser problems rather than a problem in the game); at each switch, CyberNations can't access your session cookie forcing it to create a new one, effectively locking you out of your old session and forcing you to repetatively log-in.

3. Make sure that your browser's cache for each page expires correctly. It should normally, but sometimes won't. If it doesn't, then that will likely cause problems.

Failing those three things, I wouldn't know what it is. Could be a bug. Hope this helps though. :)

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