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Southwest China Peace Treaty

Cody Seb

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This treaty is signed in the name of friendship, peace, and trade by The People's Republic of Xizang and the Melvin Republic.

ARTICLE 1: Peace & Friendship

i. If so desired, each country can open an embassy in the other's country.

ii. Each country promises to respect the sovereignty of the other.

iii. Each country promises to try and work out issues if they appear before canceling this treaty.

ARTICLE 2: Non-Aggression

i. Both countries agree to not take hostile acts against the other such as spying, funding terrorism, etc.

ii. Both countries are not obligated to come to the defense of one another, nor help them aggressive acts, but can do so if one party wishes to do to so.

ARTICLE 3: Economical Trade & Assistance

i. Both signatories agree to open borders with one another for free and equal economical trade.

ii. Both signatories agree to allow one another's goods to be inspected upon entering.

iii. Both signatories can help one another through monetary aid if one wishes.

iv. Both signatories agree to allow foreign investors to invest in one another's companies.

ARTICLE 4: Withdrawal & Legalities

In the event that one party does not wish to be part of the treaty anymore and wish for it to be canceled, they need to notify the other party of its cancellation. After the notification and announcement of the cancellation, the treaty still holds true for 48 hours until it expires.


Signed for the People's Republic of Xizang;

Chairman Zheng Jintao

Premier Wu Jinai

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"The Melvin Republic signs this peace treaty to bring additional stability to Southern Asia and bring prosperity to both countries.

Also, the People's Republic of Xizang have given us a small piece of their eastern-most territory as a sign of good will and to connect my borders with that of my allies. We are very gracious for this gift.

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