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Timelines of Cybernations


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While wandering the CN Wiki today, I stumbled across the old timeline of CN wars. I thus went to work on creating a better version and improving it and found a website that is perfect for such endevours. I will be adding more timelines in the future, and I make timelines by request as well :P

Timeline of Wars on Planet Bob (All occurring wars are dated to end the next month of the last edit i.e. this month is April, thus the war is dated may, etc.)


Also if anyone wants to help by providing CN History with Periods/eras, please PM me with the way you see CN history divided

Edit: I noticed people don't see certain wars, there is a zoom in feature in the top right of the panel.

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Thank you for this very useful effort. I have recently been looking at CN history a bit more closely and find this helpful. It would be even better if you were able to add a link to the wiki entry for each war. For example, now when you click on Great War I, it says: "Great War I, 15-07-2006 - 01-08-2006." What if you put one more line that was a hotlink to the right wiki article as part of that descriptor?

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