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An Outlander's Guide to The Wastes

Max Rockatansky

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The people of The Wastes are devoutly religious to the point of zealotry. For generations, those born within The Wastes are taught the Psalms and Psongs of The Black Bible; a large, black, tome covered in steel studs, black leather and chains. It's name is embossed upon it's face in shiny black foil. It is housed in The Great Amphitheater of Bartertown, two blocks south of the sacred Thunderdome.

Within it's walls, the Defenders of the Faith invite the Prophets of Doom to spread the Dark Gospel to the Defenders of the Faith. The Words of the Psongs are delivered night and day without end, in between visits from The Prophets. Black, circular, vinyl tablets which are located within covers that are covered in sacred Icons, the very voices of The Metal Gods and The Prophets etched into their surface. When placed upon the altar, the Psongs are played for all to enjoy.

The inhabitants of The Wastes belong to The Church of Aggressionism. A polytheistic religion, which worships above all others a central figure known as Osbourne, The Prince of Darkness or quite simply, The All Father. It is believed that in a distant and long forgotten land, The Ancient Blues Gods gave birth to a !@#$%^& child named Rock and Roll. Rock and Roll had attempted to bring forth a child, but it died in 1969 A.O.H.(Age of Heretics). It was in the after birth of that child, that arose the Black Beast of Sabbath from whence the 13 Metal Gods were born. Led by The All Father these gods are:

Halford, The Priest of Judas

Dickenson, The Air Raid Siren, Lord of the Iron Maiden

Cliff, The Undying MetalligoD

Dimebag, The God of Shredding

Danzig, The Blackest of the Black

Mustaine, The Architect of Aggression

Shagrath, The Hybrid Stigmata

Cronos, The Venomous

Corpsegrinder, The Cannibal

King, The Slayer

Oderus, The Scumdog of the Universe

Lemmy, The Bad

Cavalera, The Bestial Devastator

Included, are various demigods and prophets too numerous to name in this publication. The Defenders of the Faith believe that when they die, their bodies return to a spiritual plane known as Planet Caravan. There, they will co-mingle with their ancestors and brethren in The Mosh Pit of Eternity while the non-believers, False Prophets, and Stryper will suffer in the Dark Disco Hall. A vile, pit of suffering unlike that which no man, woman, or child has ever known.

While it is not uncommon for Outlanders to convert, Most generally refer to Aggressionist followers as "insane", and leave them alone as a general rule. This is probably best given that one of their Metal Gods appears to be some sort of undead cannibal, and the themes of depraved sex, violence, conquest, and the acceptance of such "insanity" are common among their Psongs and religious imagery.

Coming soon... Part 2: Commerce

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