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Question about loggin in


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Hello everyone!

I tried posting this on a different part of the forum, but i guess it was the incorrect one, because it was never approved. Let me explain my issue, maybe some Tech Staff can help me out.

I haven't been playing for a while now (a long long "while"). I tried logging into my account again, but it says that it doesnt recognize my password. I tried retrieving the pass, but the system tells me that it does recognize my username, but it does not match my email (i checked my registration email and im sure which account i used to register. I tried my other 3 accounts, but still, nothing).

Then, deeply deeply sad, i tried to create a new account. But the system told me that my IP already corresponds to a created nation. So i have my hopes up that i can still recover my old country!!!

How can i prove my identity and recover my password/account?

Thank you for your help!!!

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Accounts are automatically removed after 20 days of inactivity. The name 'Caius' is in use by somebody else, which is why it's thinking you have a nation after you tried logging in with that name. Clear out your browser's cache then try to create a new account.

Provided that works, send me a PM here to get your name changed to match your new nation/ruler name.

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