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Who Are We?

-FIRE is an active, tight knit community of nations, that are ultimately just looking to have fun.

-We're currently a red alliance, with experienced and active leaders. FIRE is a meritocracy, we're always looking for qualified members to fill government positions, hard work and loyalty is rewarded. We're a professional bunch, but we don't forget that it is a game, we're all down to earth and enjoy conversation, jokes and sarcasm. If you don't like that, stop reading. :mellow:

Why Should You join?

-We're safe, and secure. You need not worry about idiots raiding you, or attacking you for no reason. We're currently allied with some of Cybernation's largest alliances.

-FIRE offers tons to new members. Larger nations have access to free and discounted donations, oh and we'd be able to satisfy your tech cravings, so that's always cool. While smaller nations are granted 3 million dollars starting aid, as well as access to a large collection of guides, and the opportunity to make lots of money.

-We're a legit group of people. We don't make smaller nations any less important than larger ones. Everyone has a voice and opinion, and we respect that, your NS is irrelevant.

-We're just awesome, we like to have fun, and talk about any and everything.

Wow, this alliance is awesome how can I Join?

We don't make you jump off through hoops and bounds to join, or take and pass 69 different tests. All nations are welcome to apply for citizenship within FIRE. As long as they are not on a ZI list or have outstanding debts to other alliances, we also request that you have your wars peaced out upon application. Lastly, we'd like applicants to be on the red team, but this is not necessary. To do so, just visit the link provided and register on the boards, and post a simple application.


Forums: http://firenations.com (Click the image below for a direct link)

br_redirect.gif Come talk to us on IRC: #FIRE on Coldfront!


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