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More Focus on Nation

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>>>Some may see this post under the CN:SE suuggestion

box since I tried posting it there. But I could not find it anywhere.

So I decided to add it to the TE suggestion box, so please don't get mad :)


Well I first discovered CN about three months ago, and ever

since then I have been enjoying the game, and the politics that come

along with it. One major thing, that needs improvement, from my point of view though,

is the focus on your actual nation. I feel that not enough focus in going to your nation,

but instead it's being projected to your alliance.


So my suggestion is to make the game more about your nation, then about your alliance.

Yes I do believe alliances should stay, but all I'm saying is add more focus to one's own

nation, and not make the whole game mainly about alliances. Below I have made a of

list some things I think would allow this to happen.

(I know some are going to disagree and others agree, but either way I want your feedback,

and feel free to add to my list :))

> Give nations at least four resources at start of the game.

(I think this would make the game a bit more realistic, and give nations a boost in their economy as well.)

> Add crimes, protests/riots, internal issues that you will have to take action in as ruler.

(Basically more events, but happening more often they they currently occur. I think adding more

realistic features would make things more exciting, and give you the chance to make decisions

that will have a significant impact on your nation, depending on your actions as leader.)

> Being able to attack more then two attacks at a time.

(I think that being able to attack opposing nations only twice from every area of your military is to

little. On ground battles I would suggest having 4 available attacks at your disposal. Same goes for

aircraft attacks. But on CM's I would suggest sticking to 2 or maybe even 3.)


So that's my list :) I know my list is lacking other major components, but my main

goal was to get my suggestion out to the public. My only feeling is that not enough focus

is going to what the game is mainly all about, and that is your nation.

So that's basically my suggestion, and I hope I can get some feedback, and maybe even

some consideration from the MOD's?

Thank you,

Gilbert Torres

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