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[Vaule] Thou shalt not broadcast

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***VTV Newscast***

“The government has released the initial casualty figures for the recent war in Buryat province. Officially, there were only 2700 soldiers killed and 850 injured. However in a report secretly obtained by VTV, we have determined that the military death toll was much higher. Our estimates are that 4,165 soldiers were killed and more than 1,000 soldiers were injured. Estimates of the civilian death toll and the number of people displaced vary officially there were only 73 civilian casualties however we believe that the number of casualties may be closer to 300.

The government’s official figures of 21,000 people displaced by the conflict have been verified by VTV as being accurate, but the government is yet to comment on the discrepancy between the published numbers and the ones stated in the report. We have also learned that the Zhukov Institute hostage crises resulted in 300 casualties due to cross fire between the MLA and the government forces. Questions are now being raised about the government’s decision to move into the building and attempt to liberate the hostages. We are unable to provide video evidence of the operation as the military cordoned off a three mile radius around the academy prior to entering the building.

VTV has also obtained a shocking document outlining the extent of Vaule’s nuclear and chem…”-Reporter

***The screen goes to black and the VTV logo appears***

***Inside the VTV Studio***

The technicians rushed about the room trying to determine why the broadcast was halted, and to resume the broadcast as soon as possible. Seconds later the technicians noticed four armed men in combat fatigues in the control room, holding the rest of the crew at gunpoint. Five other armed men entered the studio and sealed the exits.


Office of the Director of SWoRD, Sygh-Varthys


-Director Zelin

Director Zelin sat at his desk looking through a highly classified dossier that was rushed to his desk minutes earlier. After glancing over the information, Director Zelin rose from his seat and walked towards his office's large (bullet and shatter-proof) window.

As he gazed out into the rainy night, he said out loud:

"It seems that it is your turn now."-Zelin

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