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The United Katan Declaration of Unification

Sea Junky

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The United Territories of Katan


The sun shined on the town as Ahmik made his way through the deserted downtown area. Ahmik stopped his car in front of an electrical appliance sell. As he opened the door to the store, his eyes landed on a crowded store. The store was quiet apart from the sound of the door opening. A young women made a motion with her hand for Ahmik to come over. Not waiting any longer, he made his way as quietly as possible to the young female. Once he was standing beside her, he whispered in her ear. "Did I miss anything?" The girl waved her head in a no motion. He soon brought his eyes to the TV screen in front of them as they watched attentively an empty staged that had been set up in front of the city hall. The camera soon showed a woman accompanied by five men's onto the stage.

Each men were wearing clothes that represented their different tribes. Ahmik couldn't remember there names nor could he remember what tribe they were representing. He had never gotten interested in the tribes history. To him, it only made him remember how much they were outdated compared to the neighboring nations that could easily overrun them. As the men and women took a seat on stage, another men came onto the stage and towards the microphone. It took him a few seconds before he opened his mouth, no words came out of his mouth and he soon shut his mouth again before turning around. He seemed to be peering at the Chiefs behind him. The only Chief that Ahmik knew about gave a nod with his head before the man turned around. This time, he opened his mouth and he spoke. "Dear Katanese, today is a day that will go down in our history. It's a day that our ancestors will be proud of us. Today is a day that we make the spirits of this world happy. For today is the day that the Chiefs reunite themselves to form one tribe. This unification shall overcome the challenges that the spirits lay ahead of us. It is with great pleasure that I present you our government members." The presenter took a few seconds before presenting the Chiefs to the television and the crowd in front of the stage. In the store, cheers had been screamed as the people had smiles on their face. For Ahmik, it meant having a better life. A life under an independent nation and not tribes. A nation where his kids would be able to grow up safely without fearing an attack from neighboring powers.

The presenter soon started to speak again and the store became quiet again. "Chief of Military will be Chief Akecheta, Chief of Foreign Matters will be Chief Kachina, Chief of Environment will be Chief Kwahu, Chief of Economy will be Chief Etenia and lastly Chief of Internal Matters will be Chief Ohitekah. May these Chief bring honor, pride and safety to our nation. We are the Katanese people of United Territories of Katan. May you scream Katanese with pride as you walk down the streets! May our neighbors offer us peace and the right to independence! May the spirits also light up our sky with their glorious light dances tonight!" The speech came to an end as the crowd arose in cheers. The Chiefs waved their hands at the crowd while people were chanting a song that had been sung many times in the historical rituals held by all the tribes. Today was a new beginning for each Katanese, a day where they would be equal to the rest of the world.

The store was filled with cheers and old people were in tears as a dream had just been achieved. A dream that had been held by the ancestors to the new generations. A dream that had unified the tribes to achieve it and here it was. This day was going to be in the mind of each Katanese for the rest of their lives.

(OOC: Making it short, this is a Native American based nation. The government type is Oligarchy, only the descendants of the different Chiefs can earn their spot on the government. Their religion is mostly Animism and they keep to their traditions.)

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  • Chief Kachina: Speaking with the interest and opinions of every Katanese. We would like to thank the world for accepting our independence and welcoming us in the political world. We have rooms in our National Hall for diplomats from other nations. The United Katan would also like to announce that, there shall be no building of specific buildings to act as embassies for exterior diplomats. We do not want to damage the environment more by building stuff that can be placed in an already created building. Along with the positive effects towards environment, diplomats will also live in the same building as the government of United Katan allowing a quicker communication in times of need. Thank you again for accepting our independence.

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