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3x3 tech deal


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This form of a Tech deal gets you 100 tech in 10 days!!

"You must be joking" - No its true!! A normal tech deal lasts 30 days and only gets you 100 tech. But with this stunning 3x3 deal in the same 30 days you could get 300 tech!!!

"That's fantastic!!" - Isn't it! And all you have to do is have 3 aid slots open!!

"This sounds too good to be true, how does it work?" - Here's how:

Buyer A sends 3 mill to seller A.

Buyer B sends 3 mill to seller B.

Buyer C sends 3 mill to seller C.

Sellers B and C each send 50 tech to Buyer A

Sellers A and C each send 50 tech to Buyer B

Sellers A and B each send 50 tech to Buyer C

"I am convinced! I wanna sign up!!" - That's great! Just reply to this topic and say what you want to be, buyer or seller. But please hurry because slots are filling fast!!

Don't have slots? Convince the person you are currently doing your tech deal with to join this 3x3, they won't regret it!!

Here is the currents list of people currently in this deal:

Buyer A: Rockybob300

Buyer B: R. Forefathers

Buyer C: Saint Marcelle

Seller A: Gormagon

Seller B: 419Aric

Seller C: Enzos

This will go on a first come, first serve basis.

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I don't understand how these 3x3 deals are any better. You still use up 3 aid slots.

With the 3x3 you use 3 slots to get 100 tech every 10 days, so that's 300 tech in 30 days.

Using 3 1x1 deals (notice that's an equivalent number of aid slots) you get 100 tech every 30 days, but you do this 3 times so you get 300 tech in 30 days.

Am I missing something here? I'm new to tech dealing, so I very well could be. Is there any advantage to the seller?

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Well you are right. But with a 3x3 you can cancel after 10 days if you need to due to a war or something else. With a regular deal, to get you moneys worth you have to stick out the 30 days. Also during those 30 days you could have 2 other 1x1 tech deals(as long as you have a harbor). I like these deals because i don't have to wait 10 days after i send my 3 mill out. I usually get it within a day or so depending on user activity.

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I posted this on 3 different forums. I did say that this was going to be first come first serve. I am sorry that if you did not get it. I made it fair, all the times on all three forums were in line with my time zone and the first 2 posters out of all 3 forums got the spot. Thanks you your interest but we are full

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