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When I went to use the Military Adviser Tool it shows that I have 1 F22-Raptor, which you can see in the screen shots below that I definitely do not and don't even fit the requirements for it yet.




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the purpose of that tool it to let you mock up military units without actually affecting your nation.

If you go to it again, you will see a window saying this that you clicked "ok" on.

The point being made though is that the Military Advisor Tool is showing him to have a single F-22 when his nation detail screen is showing no aircraft. When you first activate the tool, you get the first screenshot he displayed. The shot shows his current forces as 2000 soldiers which is correct and it shows 1 aircraft which is incorrect. Going to the aircraft screen shows the aircraft the Tool is crediting him with as the single F-22, aircraft his nation does not have the ability to build (his nation is 9 days old, so it's not left over). This definitely appears to be some sort of bug.

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I noticed the exact same bug described in the OP yesterday while running a few checks on Bill totals through the Military Advisor Tool. Was going to create a new topic to report it, but I found this thread describing the bug exactly as it appears for me as well. That being, you open up the Military Advisor Tool and find yourself granted a "free" F-22 Raptor, that does not exist in your actual nation.

Nation: The Lost Isles

PS: I have sought mod approval before gravedigging this thread (:wub: Allan), as this minor bug still exists two months after the OP reported it. Sorry if it has already been noted, there was no message in this thread to say it was being looked into or was on the list to be looked into at some stage.

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