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Nordheimer National Reorganization

Kaiser Martens

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It was a special day in Nordheim. After a lot of hard work which included the dismantling of old Power Structures and the reconstruction of damaged locations, things were finally starting to take a shape more closely related to the theory that had spawned the revolution.

The last section of the walls at Asgaard was complete, sealing off the realm from most of the world, the factories were again active and thusly the economy and the people were functioning normally again. The schools had been adapted for their new role as Educational Institutions rather than simply somewhere to place unruly kids.

But...the Government did not make any announcements regarding the situation, merely conducted their own business, figuring out that they would take notice if they felt like taking notice. Tyr moved forth to the newly finished Asgaardian Walls to look outside towards the Flat terrain and the mountains beyond.

"Donnar, report..."

"Everything is ahead of schedule by far. The Technology Investments of the Prussians have kicked us started, we are producing computers far above our previous capabilities and have finished integrating them onto our military designs. The Folk have been given their standard issue Battle Gear. The new ÜNM Program is working well in schools. Criminality has virtually halted. I believe we have achieved a little more than what we initially dared hope for."

"Good. Now...we sit...we hone our skills...and we wait for the right time. Try to see if you can access the Bunkers."


Below somewhere, people stood within the Central Command Room for Nordheim. Using flashlights. Elsewhere in the Bunker, some technicians and operators began. "Alright. Ignition in 3, 2, 1..." Then the Main Power Generator was activated, followed by several other backup ones. Lights blinked and then steadily lit the huge Bunker. One by one, each system was powered, until it was time to deal with the Mainframes. "3, 2, 1..."

A minute later the screens in the Control Room lit up. The System was Booting. It took several minutes, but then a screen-table ended up showing a map of Nordheim, its Military Bases, Military Units, basically, the whole Land should be controlled from there...in Theory.

"We are online! Let us test the Rockets."

Somewhere, an ICBM Silo opened, and shot straight up towards the space, testing itself. The Rocket ended up exploding within the night, litting it up with...Fireworks, actually. The people outside had been waiting for this, so they cheered on. They knew exactly what it ment, and the "party" began.


Partying in this case for the people of Nordheim ment engaging in many Military Parades, approximately 90% of the Population would participate in five different massive Military Parades which happened at the same time in different areas, to commemorate the Freedom of the people and the end of the National Reorganization Period. Einherjar, common Citizens, Thralls, all had gotten together to participate, some carrying torches, some simply carrying weapons, some carrying banners of their Zone, Army Unit, Heritage or Family, they would march with remarkable precision. Tanks and Armored vehicles made themselves present, both the Vehicles of the Civilians and the Military, there didn't seem to be any Normal Vehicles other than the occational Ambulance over in Nordheim, instead of Cars, people had Armored Cars, instead of Buses, large APCs, the occational Tank for the Rich, it was truly a nation of warriors.


After parading, they headed over to different Training Locations to hone their skills in battles, afterwards winding down with Paintball, and at the end of the next night they would finish it all by eating and then drinking until more than one wouldn't be able to stand. This was a special situation, so the Training was harder than the usual Weekly Military Training that all had the pleasure of attending to. There were also Military Reenactments...and everyone was absolutely thrilled. It was terrifying, there didn't seem to be a single Civilian. At a first Glance people would think mistakenly that the entire population was the Army.

They all knew how to have fun. It was after all a National Holiday. The day after...they'd go back to their works...

Life was good.


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