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Hamster Happy Dance :)

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I'm rather proud of Rodentia Dominatus, at the moment.

We started with two members in round 1. A couple RL friends who thought "Why not?". Arcticllama came up with the name. A war started with an alliance declaring on an entire team; though that team was rather light on folks. "Join or Die" :P We talked about it on the phone and decided, "Um no." So we fought. Another RL friend joined and engaged as well; we walked him through any rough spots on fighting he had since he was in main game and such. We gave a good account of ourselves...and the round ended (yeah, we lost but, we took 11 with us).

The second round started. And we started with 4. Some things occured and we found ourselves at war again. Again we did fairly well and ended the round with 8, if I remember correctly. We got killed both rounds. Though we did experiment a bit.

Last round, we started with 6. Doubling that to 12 in a few days. Did a few treaties; picked up a couple more members and reached 17. Got into a few fights, got hurt a bit. And continued on.

And now, this round. We have 32...and growing. WOOT! I am a happy hamster :D

o7 Rodents Unite !


War Leader; Rodentia Dominatus

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