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Shorten Attack Ratio

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Meaning, shorting the NS difference between nations that allows one to attack another. Right now its too high, and much larger nations are able to tech raid much smaller nations, putting them in anarchy before they even get a chance to get started. This leads newcomers to get discouraged in TE, and quit playing altogether. A shame those who choose to raid dont realize putting their nation at war isn't really worth the tech they get in exchange. But still, this isn't fair to the guys just starting out....like I said, most just quit and leave the game never to give it another chance. I know cuz I almost did a few times, and I seen most I played with actually do it. Something needs to be done about it and this is the only fair thing I can think of to manage it. I under stand the game is meant to be more war based, but these raids are getting way out of hand, alot of times a person doesn't even get a fair chance to play considering they are attacked before they even collect the first days taxes.

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I agree with Illusion, the difference in NS is far to big. I'm not so sure about the #, but I do remember being at around 1,500NS, and being able to attack a nation at around 800NS.

the numbers aren't specific, but I do agree that the margin is to big. And I believe that reducing it, might get us less in-actives :)

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Sorry but I am against this idea. I think TE needs more war not less of it.

I don't think that's what would happen here. All this is wanting to do is restrict how low a nation can go to strike in a raid not trying to discourage war. Nations will still strike as low as they are allowed, it just won't be as low as in previous rounds. It just gives the tiny nations a chance to get started without having a comparative giant bowl them over. I agree with those who think it might lessen the number of inactives we see each round.

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I dont agree with this unless nukes are involved. last round i have been declared on just to get nuked, and with no nukes of your own its not cool at all.

I don't waste my nukes on nations who don't have the ability to buy them :rolleyes:

I think the current strength ranges are fine. Tournament edition is meant to be fast-paced and competitive. It's about clawing your way to the top and staying there. It resets every 90 days and you'll get another shot. Since everyone starts on even footing (except for trades, but that's another story), I think that complaining about being smaller and thus more vulnerable has no place in TE.

If you don't want to be raided, defend yourself better or make friends who will help you.

These two points are the only real arguments I've seen for strength ratio changes.

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