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Aesirreich Nordheim

Kaiser Martens

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Official Name: Aesirreich Nordheim

Common Name: Nordheim

Main Ruler: Aesir Dierik Týrsson Landers (For Short: Týr)

Capital: Asgård (Asgaard)

Language: Nordlandisk (Nordlandic)

Government Type: Moderate Übersteinianist (Übersteinianism with more Religious Freedoms and Militarism)

Spirituality: Atheists (Majority), Germanic Pagans (33%)

Nuclear Capable: Yes

Currency: Asamark

(Capital City in Red)


Society and Order:

Nordheimer Society is divided in several distinct classes, starting in order of hierarchy:


The elite Ruling Class of Nordheim, severely restricted and chosen in a Meritocratic fashion, an educated oligarchy chosen to rule over the people. Their leader is abovementioned, and he chooses to go under the name Týr commonly. Others identify themselves with other deities. Asgaardians may only marry or repriduce with other Asgaardians or the class directly below them.

Týr is the Lord of the Aesir (Aesirleiter)

Warlord (Kriegsherr) Heimdall is in charge of the Military.

Frau Frej is in charge of the Economy.

Frau Sinthgunt is in charge of Interior Affairs.

Herr Viðarr (Vidar) in charge of Foreign Affairs.

Frau Forseti as the Voice of the People.

There are many more Aesir, as those are only the Main Ones.


A class which can be compared to the ancient Samurai, a class of the elitemost warriors which work as the personal guard of each Aesir, they train throughout the entirety of their life for combat of all kinds, fighting is their only purpose and will. They form the Elite Army, a minority indeed.


The standard citizen. They are similar to the Einherjar, the only real difference save from Rank is that these have regular jobs instead of being warriors 24/7, but in spite of this they are made to train once a week militarily in Sundays, they form the Regular Army.


The lowest class - Slaves - reserved for Criminals - a minority. They are often employed in the heaviest of jobs, personal service, and Penal Batallions. Typically, they have no rights whatsoever but are kept healthy so they may be useful. They form the Militia. If they prove their worth in battle or service, they may be promoted to Nordheimers.

Foreigners do not count as a class proper, as they are only able to remain for Tourism for a limited time. Foreigners of a similar culture may apply to become Nordheimers.


Asgaard, the Capital City, is a place off limits for most people. Only the Personal Thralls of the Asgaardians and the Einherjar are allowed within its walls, no Nordheimers, foreigners, or regular Thralls. Asgaard Fields surround it and go under the same policies.

The Justice System may be better described as Draconian and Militaristic, since the entire society functions in a militaristic manner, crime is often punished with a Period of Thralldom, Execution, or Permanent Thralldom, sometimes forming part of a Penal Batallion permanently or not, depending on their merit.

Immigration is restricted to Europeans, but it is mandatory to take an Adaptation Course in order to understand and familiarize oneself with local culture. In the streets, people always carry their handguns and clothing is designed for Military Duty. Most people who own a vehicle, actually own an Armored Vehicle or a Military Motorcycle, Einherjars typically will own Tanks instead, therefore civilian vehicles in Nordheim are practically inexistant, as are civilians themselves.

Education is another highly important value, all Nordheimers speak at least two other languages than Nordlandic, which is notoriously open for an otherwise very closed society. All schools are military, therefore even "peaceful" careers have some influx of Military Thought and disciplin, even art is mixed with it.


Proper Army Composition to come Later

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Raw Data:

Infrastructure: 2.305

IG Technology: 178 (1982)

Citizens: 2.153.600

Regular Army: 172.290

Nuclear Weaponry: 20

Tech Sharing Deals: Prussia, 3506 tech (2021)

IC Tech: 832 (2002)

Land: 881.018 (Appropiate for the territory)

Environment: 2.48

Surplus: 23m

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Den Heer

The defence forces of Nordheim.


Aesir: 2013 (Elite Guard)

Einherjar: 172.290 (Regular Combatant Army)

Nordheimers: 2.000.054 (Regular Noncombatant Army Units and Militia)

Thralls: 151.533 (Penal Batallions and Militia)


Forces Proper:

Valkyrjar: 4.4k (Elite Guard)

Einherjar: 170k (Regular Army)

Reichkneiðr: 30k (Logistics Army)

Volksheer/Landwehr: 2.2m (Militia/Replacements for Regular Army)

Þrallmacht: 30k (Penal Batallions)


How it all works:

For all practical purposes what would be considered as "The Army" in most countries would be what is above listed under Einherjar, as described they are people who live exclusively and specifically for combat, and because of this they're always seen in the Frontlines. But because they are all Combatant Units, they need Logistic Support (Volksheer), this comes in the form of Logistic Units who are deployed with them. Logistic units deal with Supplies, Ammo, Food, Supply Lines, low-hierarchy organizative business, operators of non-combatant systems such as radars, drivers, mechanics, and more, essentially, all the jobs in an army that are not going up to the enemy and shooting them or manning a weapon. They are however trained in battle to a higher degree than the Home Army and Penal Batallions, as they are sent to war zones. They are only used in combat if the enemy specifically targets them or if there's really no other choice, as a last resort.

Penal Batallions are formed by Thralls (Thrallmacht). Since they're essentially forced to be in slavery, one would expect poor morale in these and a tendency to low training and lack of organization, in reality they're Thralls who in adition to their normal services are also trained for war to a higher degree than the standard citizen. In reality however Thralls tend to fight very well because in doing so they achieve a minimization of their sentence, freedom, and sometimes in rare cases even Einherjarhood. Penal Batallions are deployed with good equipment to the most dangerous situations because they wish to take advantage of them in order to be freed quicker.

The Aesir Guard is simply a sellection of Einherjar Elites and the Aesir themselves with their personal guards. They are typically high rankers in society and military, they can be compared to what an Imperial Guard would be for an Emperor. Each Aesir has their small Guard that is always with them, as bodyguards, but with much higher training and heavy duty weapons. These are called Valkyrjar, which means Valkyries. As one can expect, they are all women.

The Home Army are simply citizens, militia, but with good gear and training (Volksheer). They are organized to fight for the most part within their zones, and work as cells, every Neighborhood or small Region has their own chain of command, this is done in order to allow each to fight well even without centralized leadership. Unlike normal militia or Partisans however, they're very well equipped and trained.

When the Regular Armies (Einherjar, Valkyrjar, Thrallmacht) no longer have sufficient power, people from Volksheer are drafted into becoming Regular Army, this is called the Landwehr. Because of this, Landwehr is not counted separately, as it is only used in war when the regular personnel is depleted.

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Cultural Divisions of Nordheim:

Slavjanskij Krai

The Slavic sector, with mostly Belorussians, Ukranians and Russians as well as Yugoslavs, as expected, Russian is also spoken here, but Serbcroatian is also relevant. The majority of the population are either Tsarist and Christian or otherwise Slavic Pagans. Its Capital is Vladizapad.

Campus Martius

The Italian Sector, comprised mostly by survivors of the Gebivian Nuclear Holocaust. Italian is spoken with a Latin speaking minority as well. There is a higher incidence of Cancer among these people, they are divided between Roman Pagans, Christian Catholics and a majority of Atheists. Its capital is Manneligia, and there is also a significant Greek minority.

New Judea

New Judea is mostly composed of survivors from the Rebel Army, contrary to what the name would imply, there is also one third of Arab Population in it. There is also a high incidence of Cancer here, Arabic and Hebrew are spoken. The capital is New Jerusalem.


Muspellheim is a volcanic region in which settlers from Africa have their homes, from all parts of the continent. The capital city is Muspellburg, they do not speak one language but rather many different African languages, however, there is a tendency towards an eventual "Mixing" of them. The capital is Jötnarborg. The religion is also very mixed.


A sector which houses primarily Koreans, Japanese and Mongols and other related populations. Mongol and Korean are the primary languages, and the majority are atheist. There is a Chinese minority as well, and most of them are very tradtionalist. In the Japanese sector in particular, it is still possible to find lifestyles reminiscing the Samurai era with newer technology. The Capital is Kangstadt.

Eisen Abteilungen

The Iron Divisions are simply sectors containing population from other parts of the world which are not enough in number to have their own specific Province. Wodansmacht is the Capital city of it, this is by far the most diverse sector. Contrary to what the name may imply, the land is not German, because Germans are part of the Nordlandic or Asgaardian sectors instead.


Already explained above, the capital city of Nordheim itself and its surrounding areas are known as Asgaardian Fields.


The Red Sector. Communists from all parts of the world, including but not limited to the Soviet Union. Russian is spoken, and it is common to hear of Stalin, Lenin and also Martens while in here. The Capital is New Stalingrad.

Nordlandisk Ländirun

The Nordlandic Lands (Commonly "The Land"/Landun), they make up the majority of the Land and Population, taking people from Nordland and other Germanic territories under one culture. There are subdivisions named after different Aesir, after Überstein, after Martens, Zamoyski, Bismarck, Rommel, Herrman, and many other heroes and warriors. Its capital is Valhalla. (Vallhöll)

Immigration Criteria:

Immigration criteria is simple, the newcomer must know or be willing to learn Nordlandic and has to be someone who is willing to join the military, who was part of the military, or is part of the military of another land until arriving, that is, in order to be here, one must be a warrior, otherwise entrance is denied. Sometimes exceptions are made for exceptional scientists and artists on a case by case basis, or in foreign exchange programs. Aberrant criminals such as sexual criminals are not accepted.

About the Militaristic Übersteinianism:

As said above, it is a land by soldiers for soldiers. The extreme militarization of society and the literal abscence of what is known as "Civilian Life" has however one major drawback, infrastructural growth and reproduction are much smaller than in other countries, therefore the population numerically evolves in a much slower manner. To compensate, defensive capabilities are extreme, and government is streamlined, mainly because there isn't goverment but rather there's only military.



Red: Asgaard Fields

Dark Green: Nordlandisk Ländir

White: Campus Martius

Green: New Judea

Pink: Muspellheim

Blue: Slavianskij Krai

Yellow: Krasnoarmjetz

Brown: Solenländerna

Black: Eisen Abteilungen


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Scandinavian Pact


Nordlandic Pact:

Luftwaffe: (From German Models Lu-65 Air Superiority Fighter and MLB-1 Varitas Stealth Bomber)

60 Bombers

900 Fighters

Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf. A [Class Vaeringjar] (MBT)


Technological OOC Reference Links:








Produced: 1670

Manufacturer: Nordlandische Waffenwerke and Rheinmetall

Primary Weapon: Rheinmetall Gungnir 140mm/65 Calibers ETC

The Gungnir Technology of the gun is a simple means of further enhancing muzzle velocity. It works by having a

slightly wider, bigger bore by the place where the shell is detonated and fired, and a narrowing throughout, leading

to a more narrow bore at the end of the cannon proper. This causes the propellant to be used in a more efficient

manner, providing more speed. The Cannon can also be used to shoot Rockets.

Reloading is done automatically, and does not require a crew member. Ammunition is stored in a manner that resembles a clip, this allows the gun to work in a semi-automatic mode of bursts of 2 or 3, or a more continuous automatic fire, its fire rate being comparable then to an autocannon. Blowback Shifted Pulse is used in order to fire two rounds at almost the same time in such a way that they will hit both the same spot, defeating reactive armor.

Secondary Weapons:

2x MG6 12.7mm Heavy Machinegun, one mounted by the Main Gun, one on top of the turret (Automated).

An additional MG6 for the Tank Commander is optional and not commonly used.

4x 60mm Mortars

Crew: 3 (Driver, Gunner, Commander)

Weight: 6504 Kilos

Power to Weight Ratio: 17.9 kW/t

Length: 8.1m

Length of Gun: 6.84m/7m

Width: 3.8m

Height: 2.5m

Ground Clearance: .4m

Engine: Volvo-Saab 1800hp Gas Turbine

Maximum Velocity: 72km/h

Range: 610km

Range With External Tanks: 1,160km

Trench: 5.7m

Step: 5.6m

Vertical Obstacle: 1.4m

Ford Unprepared: 1.7m

Ford Prepared: 6m

Climbing Gradient: 40x

Fire and Control Computer: Eriksson Firing System 2


44 Rounds in turret/35 rounds in turret

Main Gun Depression: -6/+40 degrees

Armor Type (High-End Medium):

Chobham Reactive Armor + Non Explosive Reactive Armor + Spaced Armor + Flexible Armored Skirt

Rolled Homogenous Equivalent with ERA vs. KE]:

Lower Hull: 1500mm

Glacis: 2900mm

Front 1/3 Side Hull: 100mm

Front Side Turret/ Side Turret: 2000mm

Rear Turret: 900mm

Rear Hull: 800mm

Side Hull: 2000mm

Mantlet: 3700mm

Weakened Zone: 3650mm

Front Turret Corners: 3800mm

Side Turret: 2800mm

Roof: 800mm

Armor [Rolled Homogenous Equivalent with ERA vs. CE]:

Lower Hull: 1600mm

Glacis: 3100mm

Front 1/3 Side Hull: 1250m

Front Side Turret/Side Turret: 23500mm

Rear Turret: 1,800mm

Rear Hull: 1500mm

Side Hull: 2000mmm

Mantlet: 1000mm

Weakened Zone: 4000mm

Front Turret Corners: 4000mm

Side Turret: 2050mm

Roof: 1500mm

Suspension: ISU Multiposition System

Sensors & Range:

4th Generation FLIR @ 13km targeting range; 8km classification range

3rd Generation LADAR @ ~10km classification range

3rd Generation CITV

Night Vision: Integrated with sensors.

NBC Protection: Air-tight chassis and turret, air filtration and overpressure air conditioning system, masks and

uniforms. Protected against EMP.

Features the FS Protection System, based on the Shtora and Arena systems.

NOTE: The Sensors and Range are common to All Panzers unless specifically otherwise noted!



Panzerjäger I Ausf. A [Class Überstein] (Tank Destroyer)

Based on the Leopard 2 Chassis, it has no turret.

It has been uparmored with Non Explosive Reactive Armor.

It has been upgunned with a Rheinmetall Gungnir 160mm/85 Calibers ETC

Crew: 3

Secondary armament: MG6 12.7mm 4,750 rounds

Engine MTU MB 873 Ka-501 12-cylinder diesel

1,500 PS (1,479 hp, 1,103 kW) at 2600 rpm

Transmission Renk HSWL 354

Suspension Torsion-bar


range 650 km

Speed 85 km/h

This vehicle has a very low profile.

Sturmgeschutz I Ausf. A [Class Mannelig] (Assault Gun)

This is based on the Vaeringjar Class Chassis, it houses the same gun, but without a turret. This is done to decrease the weight dramatically, in order to be able to give it an incredibly resilient frontal armor, while retaining the same armor ratings on the rest of the vehicle, save for the back where some counter weight is added. For good measure, the sides and the front have an extra 150mm of armor each.

Frontal Armor: 40000mm

Rear Armor: 1200mm

Speed: 60km (Evidently much slower)

FLAKpanzerwagen I Ausf. A [Class Zamoyski] (AA)

Based on the Leopard 2 Chassis.

It has been uparmored with Non Explosive Reactive Armor.

The Main Gun has been removed, the turret was extensively modified to include an adapted AutoFLAK 12.8.

Normally the AutoFLAK faces forwards, in such a way, this could be used as a regular tank if the need arises, in spite of the fact that the turret is not as armored. This is only done in emergencies. In spite of being a FLAK-type gun, this is also compatible with rockets, so it can double as SAM. It has a medium profile, excepting when it engages enemy aircraft of course.

Speed: 80 km/h

Crew: 3

Panzerkampfwagen I Ausf. A [Class Nordir] (Light Tank/IFV/Recon)

Although it has lighter armor, it is reinforced with NERA.

Weight 30.5 tonnes

Length 6.75 m

Width 3.25 m

Height 2.42 m

Crew 3

Primary armament 105mm ATG

Secondary Weapons:

2x MG6 12.7mm Heavy Machinegun, one mounted by the Main Gun, one on top of the turret (Automated).

An additional MG6 for the Tank Commander is optional and not commonly used.

6x 60mm Mortars

1x MC5 12.7mm Hull Mounted

Engine MTU-MB 833 Ka-500 6-cylinder 22.4 l diesel 1000hp

Suspension Torsion-bar

Operational range 650 km, 830 km with auxiliary fuel tanks

Speed 95 km/h

Panzerwerfer I Ausf. B [Class Perun] (Rocket Artillery)

It uses the same chassis as the Nordir Class, but the rocket is removed in favor of a launcher or 38 rockets, it can be considered an armored variant of the classical Katyusha.

Speed: 97km/h

Panzerhaubitze 3000 Ausf. B [Class Mjöllnir] (SPG)

A remake based on the PzH2000, it shows instead a much stronger 210mm Gun, has NERA all around it for further protection, and the front of the vehicle has been given Sloped Armor for increased frontal protection. The Engine is also new in order to achieve more speed in spite of the armor. It is able to perform in emergencies as a Tank Destroyer.

Weight 55.3 tons (12,1914 lbs)

combat loaded

Length 11.7 m (38.4 feet)

Width 3.6 m (11.8 feet)

Height 3.1 m (10.2 feet)

Crew 5 (Commander, Driver, Gunner, 2 Loaders)

Primary armament: Rheinmetall 210 mm L52 Artillery Gun

Secondaryarmament: Rheinmetall MG6 12.7 mm machine gun

Engine MTU 981 Ka-550

1200 hp

Suspension: torsion bar

Operational range 490 km

Speed 65 km/h

Schutzenpanzer Puma Ausf. D (IFV)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puma_(IFV) + NERA

Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf. A [Class Martens] Nicknamed "Martens' Revenge" (Heavy Tank)

(Same as the Pz I with 1000+mm armor everywhere, an entirely different look, and only reaches 55km/h)

It has *EXTREMELY* good armor.

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Quick Armor Overview:

Panzerkampfwagen I Ausf. A [Class Nordir] (Light Tank/IFV/Recon)

Although it is classified as a light tank due to its very high mobility and used in IFV, recon and urban missions, its armor and weaponry are also able to let it perform as antitank, and in other countries it'd be considered a MBT or Medium Tank.

Panzerwerfer I Ausf. B [Class Perun] (Rocket Artillery)

Very light, extremely fast rocket artillery, much like a Katyusha, but this is armored enough to make it a "Non-discardable" vehicle.

Panzerjäger I Ausf. A [Class Überstein] (Tank Destroyer)


A tank destroyer built on the same chassis as the Nordir Class. Lack of a turret allows it to house a much more powerful gun and more armor. It has a low profile to serve as a tank hunter.

Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf. A [Class Vaeringjar] (MBT)


The main battle tank. Well balanced, although it has considerably more firepower and armor than the rest of the MBTs. It is a close cousin to the German MBT, and are all-round the best in the world.

Panzerhaubitze 3000 Ausf. B [Class Mjöllnir] (SPG)

An improvement on Pzh2000 with new generation materials, technology, and with better use of slope armor. It can also double as tank destroyer if needed, but as it has a higher profile it is normally deployed as artillery.

Schutzenpanzer II Ausf. D [Class Nordwind] (IFV/APC)

An APC which doubles as IFV, used both for transport and urban combat. It uses older, proved technology but the armor and suspension are new. Some are equipped with flamethrowers.

Sturmgeschutz I Ausf. A [Class Mannelig] (Assault Gun)

The assault gun uses the Vaeringjar Chassis, but without a turret it houses a MUCH stronger gun, considerably stronger armor and has the same mobility. The frontal armor is EXTREMELY thick and resistant, as such it is designed to be an assault gun.

FLAKpanzerwagen I Ausf. A [Class Zamoyski] (AA)


Leopard 2 Chassis modified to house an AutoFLAK, it can take out ground troops and armor with ease but it is normally used as the name indicates for AA.

Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf. A [Class Martens] "Martens' Revenge" (Heavy Tank)


If this tank was any bigger, it'd be considered a Superheavy Tank. However the profile has been kept relatively low, and the velocity only appears to be bad because the rest are so much faster. This vehicle has a weapon even stronger than the tank hunters' and houses extreme amounts of armor in all sides, the average 120mm gun from most MBTs in the world has trouble piercing it even at close range. Its obvious downside is that it is very complicated to manufacture.

Edit: Also no ETC until I get more tech. Current is 2009.

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