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Vaule and the Republic of Tanis sign MDoAP

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The United Democratic Republic of Vaule and the Republic of Tanis are pleased to announce the signing of the Kharkov accords.

The Kharkov Accords (MDoAP)


Article 1: Recognition of Sovereignty

Both signatories recognize and respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the other signatory and will not take any action that will negatively impact this sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Article 2: Technology sharing

Both signatories agree to share technology with the other signatory and increase co-operation in both military and civilian technological areas.

Article 3: Ease of travel

Both signatories agree to take whatever steps are necessary to facilitate easy and unhindered travel by citizens of one signatory to the other signatory.

Article 4: Extradition agreement

Should a citizen of one signatory commit a crime on the territory of the other signatory, the other signatory is obliged to provide whatever assistance is necessary to lead to that criminal’s capture. Upon the citizen’s apprehension by the authorities, the signatory agrees to extradite the citizen back to the other signatory for trial and to provide all evidence gathered in relation to the case to the appropriate authorities of the other signatory

Article 5: Mutual Defense

Both Signatories agree to mutual defense. An attack on either signatory is treated as an attack on both signatories, and the other signatory is required to provide any assistance possible to repel such an attack upon request of the other signatory.

Article 6: Optional Aggression

Both signatories agree that in the event one signatory wages an aggressive war, the other signatory has the option of rendering assistance to that signatory, but is not required to do so.

Article 7: Nuclear defense clause

A nuclear attack one signatory is treated as a nuclear attack on both signatories. And the other signatory may respond accordingly.

Article 8: Cancellation clause

Should either signatory wish to cancel this pact, they may do so after they have informed the other signatory 48 hours in advance.


For Vaule

Yuri Rokossovsky, President

Lt. Col. Vladimir Kharkov, Foreign Minister

Marimeya I, Imperatrix of Vaule


For the Republic of Tanis

General Jaio Makvel, Interim Military Government of Tanis

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