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Struggle for the throne

KaiserMelech Mikhail

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OOC: Yeah, I just thought this would be something fun to do that didn't plunge the world into nuclear war. Everything will turn out the same in the end, I just wanted a chance to show that although Mikhail is a fun-loving guy, he can be pretty BA.

IC: It has been over a month since Prince Dawud was named "Prince of the East," but with the construction of the City of Wonder, he was beginning to see that this post was coming to an end. This suited Dawud fine, because frankly, he never liked the east. He hated the people in the Eastern Territories, and he hated his post.

"Why, why would my brother see to punish me?" Dawud lamented.

"Sire," said one of his aides, "You have been given a great honor here."

"Honor?! I remember when my brother told me this would be an honor. This is little more than me being a servant to my brother, a simple observer to these parts!"

"Sire, don't think that way. Your brother obviously trusted you to be here."

"Please, he just wants me dead. He didn't warn me when the invasion happened, he left me for dead. He just wants me out of the way."

"Sire, nobody new of the invasion until it was too late. It was a matter of hours until forces surrounded the palace."

"THAT'S LONG ENOUGH! That's long enough. And now my foolish brother strives for peace with the invaders! He is weak. It is as simple as that. He is not worthy to sit on the throne. My throne!"

"He was born two years before you sire, it was technically never your throne."

"Silence!" Dawud yelled, smacking his servant across the face, "it will be my throne!"

"What you're doing is treason! If you are caught, you'll be executed for sure."

"Well, then I guess I can't get caught. One way to make sure that never happens is to make sure that too many people don't know." Dawud pulled out his pistol and shot his aide right between the eyes. "Now, how should I do away with my dear brother? A shot in the back? Symbolic, but not right for him. I know. If he wants to work like a peasant, then he'll die like a peasant."

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At the City of Wonder:

Mikhail was walking around, observing the progress that was being made around the city. "Careful with those blasts boys, I don't want anyone getting hurt."

Dawud walked up casually. "No, we wouldn't want that," he said.

"Ah, Dawud! How's it going baby brother?"

Dawud twinged, he always hated being called that. "It's going fine, I just wanted to see how the work was going."

"That's good. Hold on a minute... guys, move out of the way," Mikhail yelled to some of the workers.

"Now's my chance" Dawud thought. Once the soldiers were out of view, Dawud pulled two tranquilizer darts from his pocket and stabbed them into Mikhail's leg. After a short yell, Mikhail went limp. He awakened several hours later, chained to a wall.

"Uh, what happened. Where's my helmet?" Mikhail asked, refering to the army helmet that doubled as a crown.

"Oh, you mean my helmet," Dawud boasted, "or at least it will be in a few days. You see, this building is coming down in an hour, and you're gong with it. When they finally find your body, they'll have no choice but name me Kaisermelech."

Mikhail knew that if he didn't do something soon, he was doomed.

OOC: The last section coming soon.

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IC: Our spies detect turmoil in the monarchy of the Mascurian Empire. We would like affirm that we will not tolerate a government hostile to IndoChina in the Mascurian Empire. That is all.

OOC: Kind of hard, since only 2 people know about this, and this has only been going on for a few hours.

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OOC: Alright, let's finish this badboy off

IC: Mikhail was chained to a wall, listening to his arrogant brother gloat about his plan. In a fit of frustration, Mikhail hit the back of his head against the wall, and heard a familiar hollow sound. He knew he would be okay. "Oh Dawud, your snobbiness is showing. While I was travelling the empire, I learned a little something about construction."

"Oh, and what's that?"

"Drywall isn't loadbearing." With a few quick pulls, Mikhail managed to rip the chains out of the already fire-weakened drywall.

"No matter, I'll have to..." Dawud said before taking a punch to jaw. The fist fight lasted for several minutes, until it seemed that Dawud had the upper hand. With a punch, he sent Mikhail flat on his back, and seemingly knocked out cold. "You don't deserve the throne, and I'm going to make sure I get it," Dawud said pulling out a knife, "you are not fit to rule this country, you weak and pathetic..." Before he could finish, Mikhail gave him a kick to the chest with both legs, sending Dawud tumbling back and falling off the floor, hanging on to a ledge. "Brother! Help me!"

Mikhail walked up to where Dawud was and extended his hand, but instead of grabbing Dawud, he took the helmet off his head. "I believe this is mine," Mikhail said. With that Dawud was sent falling several stories to his death. The struggle was over.

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