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Roman Empire Mostly Harmful MDAP


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The Roman Harmful Act


Article I. Peace


Roman Empire and Mostly Harmful are best buddies, and we promise eternal peace and friendship between us. Any members found to have attacked a member of the other alliance will be thrown into a pool of hungry sharks.

Article II. Defense


If Roman Empire is attacked, Mostly Harmful will stone the offenders. If Mostly Harmful is attacked, Roman Empire will throw the offenders into the arena to be devoured by lions.

Article III. Aggression


If one of us declares war, the other will join in for the pleasure of hunting down our enemies together and forcing them to submit. We will coordinate our offensive wars to ensure maximum enemy submission to our awesomeness.

Article IV. Cancellation


Should, for some strange reason, one of these alliances cancel the treaty, it remains in full effect for 72 hours after the announcement of cancellation.

Signed for Roman Empire

/s/ Tiberius12, Consul

/s/ Caesar43, Consul

Signed for Mostly Harmful

/s/ Thaisport, Executive Director

/s/ Supremacy, Foreign Relations Director

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