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Trade circle

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The 3 BR set gives you Construction, Fast Food and Beer as well as uranium so that nukes are a viable option. The 3BRs will give a large poplation boost, a large happiness increase and most importantly will reduce the cost to build as well as the upkeep of infra. This trade circle is not of any designated color team as this will be decided upon once enough positions to provide a majority vote on the team color.

State what resources you have, your nation link and your preferred team color. Please note that harbor is required before the trade circle commences.

Fish: Thisperson

Wheat: Thisperson

Lumber: ConfessorRahl

Marble: Valashi

Iron: Valashi

Aluminum: ConfessorRahl

Water: Ugaritic Mot

Cattle: Whatevefr


Pigs: Ugaritic Mot



Team colour as decided by vote is Maroon

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Mot i apologize for the decline of offers you have been sending me in TE. I completely forgot i had signed up for this trade circle. However if its still possible for me i would like to remain part of this and im open for all trade offers to be sent ASAP

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...Ok. So this circle was a screw up. :/

NEWiley rejected my trade offer and then I kind of accepted all of the trades from my AA mates.

I'd been saving all my slots for this circle, but it failed. Is this honestly going on? If so, I'm politely going to have to decline. My connected resources are now sub-par, in some aspects, but I promised my AA mates I'd keep them. Since my starting resources were premium.

This is my formal withdrawal, and sorry for the inconvenience.

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