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Transvaal re-occupies Southern Angola


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With the apparent demise of the Pan-African Coalition a few days ago, the Federal Republic of Transvaal invaded Southern Angola last night to re-exert its longtime and oft-disputed claim over the region.

"Southern Angola was an area of contention the Federal Government had with the PAC" explained Foreign Minister P Stellenbosch to reporters at the National Volksraad in Pretoria. "When we joined the PAC last August, we turned over Southern Angola to the PAC as a trust territory - however when we departed that organisation, they refused our request to return what we brought into the PAC. Now that the PAC is dead, the new PAC II therefore has no claim over Southern Angola as our agreement had been made with PAC - and not PAC II which we are not members."

When question what Transvaal's intentions were with the backwater region of Africa, Foreign Minister Stellenbosch said that Transvaal would transfer Southern Angola to the Ranatharist authorities now based in Zambia.

"Despite some history of rocky relations with the various Franzharian regimes, Transvaal nevertheless feels that having our borders flanked by actual governments rather than vacant unclaimed protectorates is a better course of action. Despite political differences, Transvaal and Franzharia have quietly developed strong economic and technology ties. More than one third of Transvaal's technology - if not more - has come from Franzharian production."

Pretoria also quietly announced the institution of the so-called Botha Line doctrine - where all territory formerly under Federal Republican rule will revert back to Transvaal should the new independent states in Southern Africa cease to exist. All territory south of the Botha Line is under the optional defense protection of Transvaal and any invasions or direct attacks made again those new independent states' territory are liable to Transvaler intervention.

"The new Botha Line doctrine will guarantee the stability of Southern Africa for all parties involved."

Independence for the three new Southern African states is scheduled for one minute after midnight (update time) on February 26, 2009 - less than 22 hours away.



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