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General Alvonia news thread

Markus Wilding

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The Alvonian Grand Military is pleased to announce the full implementation of the M1897 Trenchgun into the military. Grips and bayonets are optional for the weapon and is highly favored by engineers of the military for CQC and bomb defusing techniques.



In other news, wanted criminal Micheal J. Scodsworth was captured and arrested for murder, embezzling and disorderly conduct. His trail is set for Tuesday the 3rd.

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In an effort to rebuild after the nuclear winter, several projects have been taken on by Alvonia's government.

1. Rebuild all public transportation

2. Redistribute blankets, food to all citizens and soldiers

3. Increase power plant capacity

4. Produce winter uniforms for soldiers 2% complete

Bolded in progress, striked out completed

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