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Franzharian Election Results


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OOC: Because I don't want to spend a week doing this. :P


The final results from the elections finally held two days ago are in.

PRIME MINISTER: Zarbin Ondore, Socialist Party

PARLIAMENT: Socialist Party 45 seats; Conservative Party 20 seats; United Francoist 10 seats; The National Democratic Party 5 seats; The Franzharian Nationalist Party 5 seats; The Monarchist Party 5 seats; The Christian Theocratic Party 5 seats; The National Freedom Party 3 seats; The Euro Party 2 seats

PRAETORS: 2 Socialist, 2 Conservative, 1 Francoist

PROVINCIAL COUNCILS: 4 Conservative, 1 Socialist

* Proposal 17 - National Proposal to approve funding and minimal tax increases for upgrades to the civilian communications network. - PASS

* Proposal 94 - National Proposal to amend border laws for increased immigration controls (more border stations, better equipped officers, etc), designed to stem the tide of illegal trade across borders and unapproved immigration. - FAIL

(OOC: Yay for a new direction, and I know that some will be highly displeased but it's all part of teh sekrit plans :ph34r: )

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Zarbin Ondore, Prime Minister Elect

"Citizens of the Kingdom,

You have placed your faith both in me and in Socialism. I cannot and will not stand before you and offer you empty promises. The only thing I offer is the hope that I can prove your trust well placed. With His Majesty Elijah's blessings, the Socialist Party will work alongside our colleagues in the Parliament in a bi-partisan effort to bring a new age of peace and prosperity to our beleaguered Kingdom."

Elijah Rukia, King of Franzharia

"Kin and Countrymen,

First let me congratulate the citizens of the Kingdom for making a good showing at the polls. Secondly let me congratulate Minister Ondore and the Socialist Party for their victories."

Ranather Rukia, Count of Murmansk

"Though I have little love for Socialism, the people have spoken. I congratulate Mr. Ondore and hope he keeps his people in check."

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