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United States of China Announces its Good Neighbor Doctrine


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The United States of China hereby announces our "Good Neighbor Doctrine". President Kun Triyun has decreed that no foreign power may attempt to annex or colonize our near abroad under any circumstances. We will allow for the current near abroad states to form into new political entities at the time of their own choosing, and we will not interfere with their internal politics now or at that time. However, under no circumstances are foreign countries to attempt to come in an annex and colonize. This will result in the Chinese Armed Forces repelling such an invasion.

OOC: tl;dr new nations can take the white space surrounding me, but if you try to conquer it, it won't end well for you.

EDIT: New players if they wanna claim some of that land do not need to ask me first so long as that is there only land (i.e. don't claim Zimbabwe and Tibet at the same time)

Edited by Triyun
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