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Operation Desert Song

Stefano Palmieri

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--Slovene/Serb border--

8000 men of the Slovene expeditionary force were mobilised along with 100 tanks, their destination the rebel capital of Serbia. They would finally bring the Subhuman serbs under their command. Supported by the Expiditionary Wing they entered Serbia.

OOC:Im taking the Areas not taken by The Pheonix Empire, unless its a TPE protectorate.

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OOC: Nope can get you denied access from the Bosphorus but not a Protectorate.

OOC:Ok then.


--Official Announcement from the Slovene Court--

Today, we the Court of Slovenia have decided it in the best interests of Slovenia and the People of Northern Serbia that they be incorperated into our state. They will instantly be given equal rights and such. As soon as Belgrade is secured the Vivodeship of Serbia shall be proclaimed.


2 Antonov 12s took off from the R.S.A.F. Base at Belgrade flanked by The City Levelers, The Son Killers and The Royal Purge 100 men of the Slovene Ops Group headed out for Belgrade Airport.

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--Belgrade Airport--

The Two Antonov 12s landed, dropped the crew and took off before the Serbian Defence had a chance to reach it. The Serbs attacked in force. Although they were hassled from the sky they still hit hard.

--The Lobby--

"Sir" yelled a Sargent, "Contact, East side". "Nut Job Serbs" muttered Major Petro Davonadya, "Take 'em out, usual stuff", he screamed back. The Serbs charged in screaming. Some in pain, some in vain fanatacism. Gun fire filled the building. The Serbs dropped like flies. The Major turned around and saw flashes as the Bombers dropped bombs to deter the Serbs from getting too close. A vocie came over the radio, "Sir we have the building secured. Now what?" "We wait for the Bosnians, Thats all we can do."

-Classified, Bosnia--

The Remaining Antonov 12s were in Sarjeavo loading up with troops and supplies. Belgrade wouldnt last for long.

--A field outside Sid (Serbia)--

Burst of Gun Fire "Coporal, whats the go with those f@#$ing Serbs?" shouted Sargent Brokony. "Sarge, its a couple of teens in a bloody barn. Their mum probably wouldnt let them "play" with the guns inside. Now what?" The Corpral replied. "Easy" replied the sargent. A machine ]gun team set up in range of the barn. Rapid Burst of Fire, Gun Fire stops....... voice of the radio "Sargent, they Sh@ themselves. Lance Jack Freidenvirj and a few grunts are taking them into custody now, and oh god sir the smell. Can I requisite some clean clothes, a shower and a toilet please?" The Sargent chuckled, "Yeah, bring 'em in we'll sort something out."

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