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The Commonwealth of Nations

Mergerberger II

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A Meeting in London

This is a call out to all nations interested in becoming a part of a global co-prosperity sphere for the intentions of the betterment of the economies of said nations, as well as the promotion of the ideals of Human Rights, Good Governance, the Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Egalitarianism, Free Trade, Multilateralism, and World Peace. We will convene on these issues in the city of London, a peaceful and well-developed city that has been the capital of the United Kingdom since the Union of the Crowns in 1606.


We note that not all nations of the world are eligible for membership in this Commonwealth. We open this up to nations that are or were colonies of the British Empire, or part of a larger former colony of Britain. We feel that, after so many years of cooperation under the banner of Britain and her ideals in the past until the breakup of the Empire, it is time for us all to convene once again, in the interests of all of us, rather than in the interests of one of us.


All those attending can expect complete safety while at the meeting, which will be held in the Grand Memorial Hall, London. The building was only constructed recently, and is designed for large International Meetings of this sort. We will provide transportation and cover all lodging expenses while in London, as well.

We hope all eligible nations will attend.

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The Ambassador Kevin Larrie will attend. He will be arriving by a private plane, and carrying his black briefcase.


North Atlantic Airlines flight 217 into Heathrow airport touched down at nine in the morning, a day before the meeting. Ambassador Larrie and his entourage exited the plane directly into into a dark blue Ford Explorer with gold trim, the national colors of Brunswick. He checked into 51 Buckingham Gate an hour later. Kevin then went out to explore the city and meet other foreign dignitaries.

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The North Pacific Federation happily accepts the invitation and will have the foreign minister, Mr. Nicholas Landy, to appear at the conference.


"Sir, we've been granted clearance to land at London Heathrow."

The young, 20-something assistant began gently nudging the dozing foreign minister as the official Federation State Department airliner began its final descent into London's airspace, marking the beginning of a trip that would hopefully lead to a new economic pact for the Federation. Making a minor grunt at being disturbed on his chance to get some rest while he still could, Nick Landy nevertheless thanked the assistant before putting up his arms above his head and stretching. He was still attempting to get himself fully awake when the plane hit the runway pavement with a dull thump and slowed rapidly down to nothing. They taxied over to a part of the airport where a special limousine was waiting to pick the minister and his small entourage into the heart of London, where they would lodge at a nice hotel before preparing to leave for the meeting.

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