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The Republic of Brunswick


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Seal of the Republic of Brunswick

Halifax, Nova Scotia Province

"People of this great and new nation, I am Chancellor Reynolds, and to my right is Prime Minister Vincent Craig. The two of us will promise to serve you as best as we can. And, to the international community, we welcome all foreign dignitaries a home in Halifax. We also will open trade in our little bay area. Thank you for your time."

The Chancellor and Prime Minister step down from the stage, revealing the blue silk curtain with the old provincial flags of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and the national flag set taller than the rest.

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The Brunswick National Embassy in Saint John will be a large building, providing everything that a foreign embassy needs on each floor. Offices, Seceretary desks, permanent residences, et cetera. The entire land area of the Embassy (Parking Lot, Structure, and Parking Garage) will be treated as a normal embassy would, as a sovereign territory.

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