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[CLASSIFIED] Friendship Treaty

comrade nikonov

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The Treaty of Kolkolka

A Political, Economic, and Scientific Alliance

Article I. Political Unity

The Republic of IndoChina and Rebel Army hereby declare themselves political allies. While this is not a military alliance, the two countries reserve the right to aid each other in which ever way they wish. The two powers will lend soft power support to one another, defined as economic, political, and informational support. Furthermore neither power shall ever undertake action to harm the other.

Article II. Economic Prosperity

The Republic of IndoChina and Rebel Army hereby enter into a economic friendship. We pledge to respect each others intellectual property rights, decrease trade barriers, maintain fair currency policies and inject foreign direct investment into each others economies. Furthermore citizens traveling on a business visa from both countries will have entrance fees waved to make ease of trade that much better.

Article III. Technological Strength

The Republic of IndoChina and Rebel Army hereby declare technological cooperation. Both sides shall resume the access to each others tech in accordance with Game Rules. The two sides will continue to work on projects such as in the past and grant the highest level export clearance to each other on the assumption that they will not export it out to a third party.

Article IV. Amendments and Cancellation

This agreement can be cancelled by one party after 96 hours. It may be amended by the agreement of both parties.

Signed for the Republic of IndoChina,

Kao Wei, Chairman

Signed for the Rebel Army,


OOC: IndoChina tech is calculated 250 + 0.25 * (5,165.36 - 250) = 1478.84

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