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[CNRP] VNN Vaule Election Results

Imperator Azenquor

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VNN Election Results:


We have now received the official results of the Legislative Election from the Vaule Electoral Commission (VEC). In a hotly contested legislative election that saw a turnout of more than 75% of the electorate, the Nationalist Party made significant gains and is now the largest party in the Legislature. The Communist Party also gained a significant number of seats cementing their influence in the Legislature for the first time since the end of Communism in 1991.


-Election Results (Nationalists = Blue, Socialists = Green, Communists = Orange)

While the Nationalists have a majority of only 2 seats, the Nationalist Party leader Dmitri Ivanov will be the next Prime Minister even if the Nationalists manage to form a coalition. In order to proceed with any of his proposed Legislation, Mr. Ivanov will need to gain the support of either the Communists or will need to have some members of the Socialist party break ranks with the President.

Political Analysts believe that this will force Mr. Ivanov to focus his policies more towards the centre than the right, in order to gain a significant majority. Defying the pollsters, the Republic Party managed to hold on to two of their three seats in Parliament. Party Leader Maria Gaznayev edged out Independent MP Vladimir Zubovich by 57% to his 43%(200 votes were cast). Mr. Zubovich famously declared during his campaign that:

“The government is run by a secret order of Martians. Once elected, I will commission the military to invade Mars to defeat the evil Martians once and for all.”

Mr. Zubovich is also the first candidate in history to be sent to a mental institution a few weeks into the campaign.

The first issue to be debated by the new Parliament is a new response to the continuing economic crisis. The Nationalist Party favors tighter controls on government spending and increased oversight of corporations, while the Communist Party favors an economic stimulus package.

In almost all of Vaule’s provinces, the election went smoothly and without incident. As is the norm in Vaule, Outer Mongolia was the exception to the rule. In South Eastern Outer Mongolia, the polling results showed three Nationalist MPs winning in areas that were polled to have majority support for Libertarian candidates. The VEC attributes this ‘anomaly’ to a number of ballots that were deemed inadmissible and were rejected. Some citizens of the Outer Mongolian-Buryat Autonomous Region, mostly students, took to the streets in protest. As the protest was illegal de to the State of Emergency in the region, Riot police intervened and urged protesters to disperse. While most obeyed, some started a small riot. The police report that the riot was 'quickly put down, and the perpetrators were arrested'


-Rioters near the Central Government building in the Outer Mongolian-Buryat Region

The Prime Minister will be sworn in by President Rokossovsky at the Imperial Palace tomorrow morning. Prime Minister-elect Ivanov has expressed his desire to immediately begin working on a solution to the economic crisis. What remains unclear, is if Prime Minister-elect Ivanov will continue with his motion to Impeach President Rokossovsky.

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