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Reorganisation of embassies and treaties


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The New Cymru diplomatic corps have begun a process of reorganising our treaties and embassies. Many ambassadors have been recalled to other duties, and certain nations have been stricken from the diplomatic roster for the time being.

These are the nations with whom we currently have embassies in, by our own records.

If you wish to request an embassy, please forward your request to the foreign office, including the nation, your ambassador, and the reason for your request.

Byzantine ambassador to NC...Jamal Turkmen - Owen Bennett

Hanseatic League ambassador to NC...Johan Thurnbold - Hugh Thomas

Promised Land ambassador to NC...Jonathan Winters - Richard Bennett

Welsh Empire ambassador to NC...James Jones - Emrys Vaughn

Franzharian ambassador to NC...Desiree Gilgondrin - Dr. Michael Burke

Cainian Empire ambassador to NC...Ray Toro - Rhys Ambrose

Republic of Tanis ambassador to NC...Baroi Layal - Captain Andras Fawkes

New Shillan Empire ambassador to NC...Tien Fu-Chen - Colonel Gavin Jones

Colstream ambassador to NC...Mary White - Major Trent Bowen

Neo Olympia ambassador to NC...Colonel Akira Juno - Admiral Steven Lloyd Jones

Nedland ambassador to NC...Andrea Fox - Commodore Adam Jones

Dragonisia ambassador to NC...Megan Fox - Captain Patrick Moore

Furthermore, we are withdrawing from all treaties, with the exception of the Australian Coalition. Due to this reorganisation, our new representative to the Coalition will be Lieutenant Colonel Mark Peterson

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