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Securing Greenland

Mergerberger II

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Announcement from the United Kingdom in regards to the Country of Greenland

It has come to our attention that the many nations of the world are, at this moment, looking to expand anywhere that this may be possible. With the recent Agmarian expansion into Norway and Denmark, as well as the Ming expansion further into the mainland, we expect that this frenzy of expansion will soon reach the entire globe, with nations looking for more territory in any way possible, regardless of its value.

The Island of Greenland is an enormous ice block without the ravages of civilization impeding its natural beauty. It is also vital that, as one of the Earth's major ice caps, Greenland is sheltered from the same scars that civilization has left and is leaving on the rest of this Earth. All around the world, there are mines and people destroying the earth for its resources to build their nations, us included. We wish to spare Greenland this fate.

It is for this reason that we are placing the island of Greenland under the control of the United Kingdom. The entire island will fall under our jurisdiction, acting as a minor, self-governing province of the Kingdom, as part of one of the Outlying Territories. We intend to draw lines which people are not permitted to cross without the express written consent of the King or a member of government with the approval of the King to hand out such passes for things such as scientific research. No corporation will be set up to destroy Greenland's natural beauty and importance to the earth.

I bid you good day.

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