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Black 3BR Circle


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This circle will provide beer, fast food, and construction. There is a detailed list of the effects from this circle at the end of this post for informative purposes.

Aluminum - Yubyubsan

Cattle - Saint Marcelle

Fish - Vulkan

Uranium - Van Hoo III

Iron - BEazy

Lumber - Saint Marcelle

Marble -

Pigs - Vulkan

Spices - Yubyubsan

Sugar - Van Hoo III

Water - BEazy

Wheat -

Yes, that's right. Not only does this circle provide excellent bonuses, but you have access to uranium as well. Oh, and you get to be in a trade circle with Van Hoo. You can't beat that.

Economic effect:

Income: +$7.5

Citizens: +30.56%

Happiness: +8.5

Infra cost: -28.99%

Land cost: -14.5%

Land bonus: +8%

Environment: +1

Bill effect:

Infra UpK: -19.68%

Soldier UpK: -$0.5

Tank UpK: -5%

Nuke UpK: -50%

Navy UpK: -5%

Military effect:

Soldier eff.: +38%

Soldier cost: -$3

Navy Cost: -5%

Aircraft Cost: -8%

Aircraft Limit: +10

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(Bud, I'll need all the trades so I can collect and send this guy 3 million so he can buy a harbour and finish off the circle.)

(Meaning I need to trade with all of you before the circle is fully up and running, to get it fully up and running.)


Edited by Vulkan
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