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United States of China moves on the Spratlys


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Pacific News Network

Earlier today four warships under the flag of the United States of China moved into the hotly disputed Spratly Island chain to assert the claim of Chinese Sovereignty over the islands. Escorted by five hydro carbon exploration ships, the units announced their mission twas to reaffirm China's long standing claim to the island, and work towards developing its natural resources to help continue China on its path to energy independence.

When asked about this move abroad, and whether it is a sign that China intends to flex its muscles more in the region, Premier Liu Kaishui responded the follow:


"China is not seeking hegemony in Asia, in fact we oppose it. This move will serve to hasten the development of Asia's own strategic reserves. It is not in Asia's interest to have our economic growth tied to the whims of the Imperium and Soviet Union. We will continue our path of harnessing all energy resources, and asserting our control over sovereign areas within the United States of China."

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