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Evacuation of Magenta

Chancellor Bismarck

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The Magenta Diplomatic Delegation began running out of the Foreign Complex, with the evacuation alarms blaring all over their capital city. The Magenta government was getting into their cars, heading to the airport. There, Sky Three waited to bring the magentan government to asylum in Confucianism, to escape the oncoming nuclear winter.

The Delegation's security pulled up in a car. "Allen, get in now! We've got to leave immediately! Helsinski, one more nuclear detonation has been detected over Europe! We're expecting full-scale nuclear retaliation! We're $%&@ed if we don't get out!"

Allen and the delegation jumped in. Allen extended a hand to Lord Ammon. "Come in!"


Meanwhile, in Confucianism, planes were being dispatched to help with the evacuation. They were heading full speed to get there ASAP. Fighter planes were being scrambled from Tanjung Layar to patrol the planes to the edge of their sphere of influence.

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The Magentian government, including all military, diplomatic, financial and other officials were being gathered in the Foreign Complex so as to escape to Confucianism before the fallout reached their nation. The citizenry were already being packed onto commercial planes, but unfortunately it was simply not feasible for the entire population to make it out in time.

His Excellency Lord Ammon, son of Ammon, and the three Counts still in Petra quickly entered one of the government's private jets, while the Barons within the immediate area of Petra were scrambling to get into the Plaza.

Captain Vermette addressed the Lord. "Your Excellency, we've just received word that Petra International Airport is only going to be able to get half of Magenta out of here in the next few hours, and that's with help from the Confucian Air Force."

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The car began speeding to the airport.

"Does anyone have any news so far?" Allen asked the assembled people in the car.

"Yes, sir. Confucianism has moved to full Red Alert. The government is inside the military bunkers. That is only a precaution, however, it would be very hard for any nuclear fallout to reach our island unless someone nuked the Philippines or someone directly in our sphere. Our missiles are hot, and all the Air Wings have been launched. They are dispatching as many commercial planes as possible to help with the evacuation."

"My god..." Allen replied. "Any word on how far the nuclear fallout will spread?"

"Yes. It is predicted... to bring north africa, the middle east, and all of Europe into nuclear winter," The official stated.

Allen looked out the window, at the Magentan population running, practically mowing over each other in the rush to get to the airport. He couldn't hold it in anymore. Tears began streaming from his eyes, as he knew that they just didn't have enough planes to get them all. He hoped Lord Ammon and the government would get out in time...


Back at Confucianism, all the planes were off. They were about a quarter of the way there. The pilots prayed they would make it in time.

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The first several jets were already half-way across Africa, including Magenta 1, the plane carrying His Excellency Lord Ammon, son of Ammon, all the Counts save for Sir Aries, and Richard North, His Excellency's Security Advisor.

The other two jets flying in formation with Magenta 1 held Ammon's wife and his son and heir apparent of the same name, as well as various other government officials, Barons and Marshals local to the Petra area, or there on business at the time of the evacuation. Back at the Foreign Plaza, Captain Vermette was overseeing the last of the government evacuees and preparing to board the final shuttle, Magenta 4.

""Sky 3, this is Captain Antonio Vermette, and I'm radioing you to inform you that the entire Plaza has been evacuated, but unfortunately the majority of the citizenry is still stranded down here. If you can get any help from your government, I'd ask that you do it now."

In the city of Petra, members of the Royal Army of the Realm were hurriedly leading desperate citizens into underground safe houses, basements, and even empty cysterns in the hopes of being able to save as many as possible.

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They arrived at the plane, and boarded. They brought as many people on board as possible, and as they looked out the window they could see the planes inbound from Confucianism landing.

"Sir, I have a message from Lord Ammon," the Captain said. Allen read it, and replied, "Contact him back and say that our air planes have already arrived. Help is here, and we're evacuating everyone. Also, take off immediately. I want us out of here now."

"Yes, sir."

The plane lurched into takeoff, and soon, they were airborne over Africa, rapidly travelling as fast as possible.

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