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[cnrp] All Non-Deployed forces called underground.

Maelstrom Vortex

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##Strat Com to Mil Com##

Dragonisian forces around the Globe have been given instructions to secure their surface areas with remote observation devices and to go underground IMMEDIATELY. This excludes 150,000 troops deployed in support of the UFE in Tululand. They are under NBC Conditions Alert Level RED and have been advised to monitor geiger counters closely, when they reach unacceptable norms to begin the use of radiation sickness and radiation absorption inhibitors.

The Dragonisian Navy has been put on emergency alert and also told to watch radiation levels in their local waterways and to begin to withdraw at pre-set emergency levels to Tasmania. "This is not a drill. Project Mogul has detected a world wide exchange of nuclear weapons at un-acceptable levels. Dark days are upon us all."

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