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The Wolves of España

King Kevz

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In the dark and cold forests of Spain where not even humans would dare to dread except for the foolish and the brave lived a large pack of Werewolves who fested upon any who dared to enter their domain. They had lived that way since the very first of their number had been bitten by the fabled Lycan beast that had turned man to monster forever destined to be feared by the masses. As the years pressed by what had once been a dwelling soon rose to a village, then a town and as more and more technology was stolen from their human livestock nearby the town and its people grew into a dark city of pain and torture. For the Werewolves were no longer the animals of old and had now learnt to use what was called modern technology. They drove cars and used modern electricity, their army used firearms to fight as well as their natural weapons.

And so they ruled over their lands in Spain near to the human city of Madrid where everyone knew that to stay out on a late night was to invite disaster and it was common place for a number of people to go missing and to never return. The humans themselves were far too cowardly to leave their homes and band together to fight against such a threat and now they would forever be under the control of the Werewolves. So now the Werewolves were looking outwards, looking for a new fresher source of food.


Lucien when he unleashes his inner wolve.


Lucien when he is "human"

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OOC:Epic Vampires vs Werewolfs... Even if they're on opposite sides of the world :P

OOC: Yep or worse we could doom the world by joining forces :awesome:

IC: The Werewolves began to spread their influence as they drove out in a number of trucks and other vehicles into the neigbouring lands around them. Arriving at any village they attacked and devoured anyone who stood against them before forcing the survivors into the trucks for transportation back to their capital where they would be sent off as slaves to either work in the mines, in the factories or as personal slaves to their Werewolve masters.

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It seemed that their was almost nothing to stop the Werewolves from expanding their control over the land as they attacked any nearby town and village in the dead of night where they could burst into homes and halls with surprise and over power any human cattle befor ethey could even think of fighting back. Due to this the Werewolves now had control of at least six towns, numerous villages and their city and the human's Madrid however, their numbers were stretched and they could go no further and thus they had their human slaves work on increasing the infrastructure for their land to better prove their support for their masters.

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