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The Foundations of Culkata

Chancellor Bismarck

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The Book of Culkata

From the ashes of Aegis emerges a new species, Fonmora. They are a flying culture, culturally able to live anywhere on land. Their cousins, the Floria, are also winged, and prefer the airy treetops and jungles for their homes. Together, they live in peace and harmony with others and nature, and prosper in their region of oceans and islands.





Their First City, Cunchasa, has grown to a considerable population, as Fonmora's and Floria's breed and breed countless times over with their loved ones. Many Fonmora's and Floria's have gone off to other islands to search for new homes, and to raise their own clans and hutsiiers (cities). They speak the language of Tumasha, an ancient language that was lost to the Earth, but passed on to the Fonmora's, who taught their cousins the Floria's. Already, many Fonmora's and Floria's are in flight to various islands around.


Claimed Land

Soon, they shall inhabit the entire region in sparse villages and hutsiiers. Their peace shall spread throughout the land.

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ooc: That claim is to large. All new empires are restricted to domains no larger than the surface land area of modern day japan. The Philippines or one of the large Indonesian Islands (pink, purple, or occupied areas) would be acceptable. Please check current cannon rules on "Temporary Restraints". If the land is not claimed later, you may potentially expand to the other areas. All your other stuff looks great! Welcome to CNRPS.

Edited by Maelstrom Vortex
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