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The Manchu Act


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OOC: This change will reduce the UFE army somewhat due to territory lost, it will be heading too augment Merger's army in Europe.

Also in regards to mergers, this is an agreement based on a modernization of the Tributary system which existed in Asia for centuries before Western concepts of states were introduced.


Imperial Decree

As Emperor of the United Francoist Empire, I do hereby declare the leasing of Northern Manchuria, for an undisclosed sum, to undisclosed parties. This area will be declared the Special Manchurian Co-Prosperity Zone and will be an autonomous tributary of the United Francoist Empire.

The zone shall be administered by a Managing Director who shall be in charge of all aspects and will report to the Imperial Court in Beijing with tribute and fealty.

Special Manchurian Co-Prosperity Zone Act

Article I. The Manchurian Co-Prosperity Zone is autonomous and reserves full right to taxation, determining of its own civil liberties, and maintaining of a autonomous military force.

Article II. The Manchurian Co-Prosperity Zone is a tributary and must support the United Francoist Empire in military matters and pay an annual tribute in addition to its fee for establishment. It also must request permission from the Emperor of the United Francoist Empire before signing a treaty or deploying forces abroad or launching a strike.

Article III. There is only one China and the United Francoist Empire is the sovereign government of it. Manchuria is part of China.

Artivle IV. So long as the Manchurian Co-Prosperity Zone fulfills all terms, the Zone is considered a full protectorate of the United Francoist Empire, and will not be disbanded. Additionally it is considered protected by the United Francoist Empire.


Triyun II, Emperor of the United Francoist Empire


Behold th640px-British_East_India_Company-.png

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1st class private mail to :Emperor Triyun II

From: Taro Amari, Minister of the Internal, Head of the Agricultural department

I apologize that the Emperor himself has not contacted you, but he feels that to be an effective minister, I must take the initiative for matters pertaining to my ministry, indeed my department. I pen this because I wish to lease a portion of the Northern Manchurian Co-Prosperity Zone for the purpose of Agricultural development and research. As you can imagine, We have limited space, even with control of Enkaido, and even less since the southern isles are not in our hands, for agricultural development and research. This co-prosperity zone provides us in the opportunity to research new and better ways to produce crops, and to be honest to increase production in general.

Hoping for a positive response, your friend and allies

Taro Amari, Minister of the Internal, Head of the Agricultural Department

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