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Aiden Ford

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Today, unveiled on National Television a Grunder Industries Spokesperson has announced a New Fire-proof Paste that can be used for insane temperatures. For a dramatic demonstration for the media and the military, he made a thin mask of the material, put it over his face, and aimed a specialized blowtorch at thousands of degrees directly at the mask. The temperature was intentionally much hotter than the temperatures reached by the Space Shuttle on reentry. A thermometer located between his face and the mask measured no appreciable temperature change below the mask after nearly ten minutes, and the integrity of the material stood strong.

Grunder Industries is protective of ingredients for the concoction, but during a segment aired Today on Discovery Channel's daily news show Daily Planet, they revealed one secret to be Diet Coke. Images from electron microscopes show that the particles in the paste are very porous, which makes it a good insulator. Other tests showed the paste contained lithium and bromine, bound into compounds in the paste. Microscopically, it looks like a diatom absorbent, such as kitty-litter or any common industrial oil absorbent.

They have announced that they will begin to package the paste in 1 Pound Canisters, and sell it around the world, for a fee of $50 Per Pound.

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OOC: Why? I am not allowed to use anything original anymore, or custom. People C/P My Stuff now, yet I am not allowed to use it. I mise as well join the club and copy/paste as well.

OOC: So you're going to cry and throw a fit like a child because you cannot get what you want? Brilliant!

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