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7 BR Trade Circle, Black


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Needed: Aluminium, Coal, Gems, Iron, Lead, Lumber, Silver, Water, Gold, Wheat, Oil, Marble



Gems: solace19k

Iron: solace19k





Gold: SlapahoTribe

Wheat: SlapahoTribe



Bonus resources as result: beer, fine jewelry, steel, scholars, construction, microchips, radiation cleanup

If you would like to be in this trade circle, reply with your native resources and if you're not on the black team please go ahead and switch colors to black so that we're all getting the bonuses on this.

Disclaimer: Some Bonus Resources in this circle assume certain improvements and tech levels. Completion of this trade circle does not guarantee immediate receipt of all resources. To complete the circle properly, all members of this trade circle must have at a minimum "harbor" improvement. If there is an attempt made by a player too small to have yet had the opportunity to purchase "harbor" improvement, circle organizer reserves the right to offer such said member the chance to get involved in tech deals and may provide names for contact to arrange such said tech deals so that "harbor" improvement may be purchased. Participation in "harbor" improvement assistance program is voluntary on both the part of the applicant to the circle and to the circle organizers staff. Applicant must request admission into the "harbor" improvement assistance program upon application into the circle These rules may be changed or edited completely randomly as circle organizer staff sees fit, with or without written notice. Posting on this topic assumes consent of above rules and regulations. If you have actually read this disclaimer, then I have successfully wasted precious minutes of your life that you will never be able to recover. That is all.

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