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Reports of famine in Chan Khong


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In the highly secretive society of Chan Khong, there has been recent reports that Chan Khong is strickened by famine. The Khongese are claiming that their government has done very little in establishing better trade ties with other nations, have not been accepting foreign aid, and have failed to maintain or up grade the only trade route to and from Thimphu which has made the little trade in Chan Khong almost impossible. Food is scarce and the prices of the food availble have risen by 50% in the impovershed nation. There has been people acusing the government of hording food to provide the members of its growing army, an army that has been accused of dening people who have attempted to flee the country.

The chancellor's office claims that an opposition group is responsible by hi-jacking freights, aid agencies, and disrupting road work along the trading route. The recently militarization of Chan Khong is largely due to combat against the rise of the socialist group located outside of the capital. The chancellor's office acknowledges that famine is a serious problem in Chan Khong, but strongly deny the claims that they are hording food to feed its army.

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OOC: This is after the UK seperated and the TWE is back.

"The Welsh Empire is alarmed and sadened to hear of this. We send an offer of food aid that the Welsh airforce can drop into your nation's poorest regions if you want. We wish you and your people all the best and hope that this sad case can come to a close in the near future." ~ Ed Milliband, Minister of foreign affairs

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