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FIFOB Conference, Convention, and Gala Sign-ups


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The FIFOB Conference, Convention, and Gala is to be held February 13-17 right after the Finals of the Alliance cup. FIFOB will be taking reservations for anyone that wishes to speak at the event or set up a table.

February 13

Alliance Cup Post-Party: all participants of the Alliance Cup are invited. Here the Manager of the Cup, the Golden Boot, the Winner's Shield and the Alliance Cup are presented

February 14

Leagues and Events: any FIFOB approved league or Event is allowed to set up a booth for advertising their league and getting early sign-ups. Any league/event wanting to be FIFOB approved is suggested to set up a booth for approval and participants. Any Alliance/Nation wanting to set up an event, it would be best to PM njndirish before the event to have help in setting up and to get a booth reservation.

February 15

FIFOB Officials Conference: This event is where FIFOB front office and League and Event officials meet to discuss the upcoming year in Planet Bob Football.

February 16

FIFOB Gala and Award Ceremony: It is a black tie affair in which Planet Bob is invited. The festivities include the awarding of the Player of the Year, Manager of the Year, and Nation of the Year. This will end with an address by the President of FIFOB

February 17

Final Day: This is the last day to advertise or promote, after this the Conference and Convention ends.

To sign up for a Booth




What the booth will feature:

I hope this will go as well as the Alliance Cup and promote Football even more. Anyone that wants to get a League going before this event please contact me ASAP.

This thread is for mainly signups, the RP thread will be posted after the Alliance Cup final

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